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Accelerati Incredibilus

“Accelerati Incredibilus” is the scientific name for the new River Elm School mascot.

On June 14, an assembly was held for the unveiling of the school’s speedy new mascot, the River Elm Road Runner. The brisk bird is freshly painted on two walls of River Elm’s gymnasium.  

“The Road Runner we had originally was just outdated, so we decided to do a new mascot,” said River Elm principal Rosanne Ashley.

“After surveying the community, it was decided we wanted to stay with the River Elm Road Runner, and one our parents from our parent advisory group had connections with an artist who helped design it.”

River Elm Mascot 1.JPG

Once the Road Runner was revealed, each student received a t-shirt featuring the River Elm Road Runner. Ashley told the students to wear their shirts to school on June 29 for River Elm’s blast-off to summer event.

Ashley said there are plans for the River Elm Roadrunner to pop up all over the school.

“We hope that next year we can get him painted throughout the building, reading a book, doing math, doing science. We’ll place him strategically throughout our building,” Ashley said.

After the assembly, River Elm held an open house for parents and caregivers to see the school’s new mascot.

River Elm Mascot 3.JPG


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