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Ace of Pages

Students and staff at Robertson School were thrilled when Virgin Radio morning host Ace Burpee dropped by for a "reading concert."

Mr. Burpee visited the school on Feb. 9 to read from Aaron Blabey's Thelma the Unicorn and to answer students' questions. The deejay was one of many guest readers who visited the school over the month of February as part of I Love to Read festivities.

"It's very easy for me to talk about reading because I read a lot," Mr. Burpee told students.

He said his favourite kind of books were non-fiction.

"I love reading about people…whether it be a famous singer or someone who has lived a fascinating life, I like real stories," he said, adding that he also liked reading about animals. "I read so many wolf books. Not just about wolves, but about how they think and act and interact with people. I've read probably 30 wolf books."

 As a child, Mr. Burpee wanted to grow up and play with the Winnipeg Jets; as a he grew older, he studied to become a phys. ed. teacher.

"I think being a radio host was a last resort," he joked. "But it's been really fun. It's really neat to be creative and make people happy in the mornings, when maybe they are not so happy."

He added another highlight of his job was all of the people he got to meet, including students at Robertson School.

Robertson Principal Tony Marchione, who helped Mr. Burpee read Thelma the Unicorn, said it is important for students to see adults reading.

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"They can talk about their own experiences in school and how reading and communication is so important in terms of finishing school and going on to a career they enjoy doing," he said. "It's a positive message: continue to learn, continue to read and continue to make yourself better."

Robertson students also undertook a one-week reading challenge in February. Students had to read 1,500 hours as a group; for each hour they read, their class earned a paper leaf that was added to a special knowledge tree in the main hallway.

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