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Breakfast drive

Photo and article by Jared Story

Breakfast is on Brock Corydon.

A group of students at Brock Corydon School recently collected 158 non-perishable food items for donation to Winnipeg Harvest.

The three-week collection, which ended on Feb. 16, focused on breakfast food items like oatmeal, pancake mix and cereal.  

“We did a bit of research and we saw that breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” said Grade 5 student Hailey Crust. “A whole bunch of kids go to school not eating breakfast and then they can’t learn a lot. All they’re thinking about is food.”

The idea for a Brock Corydon food drive was first pitched by Grade 6 student Shai Vilenski East.

“I was at Costco with my family and they were taking donations of money for people who don’t have food,” Vilenski East said.

“So, we donated a dollar, and I was like, ‘Now what? Now what do we do?’ They said they take the money and they give it to charity, to Winnipeg Harvest. I thought ‘That seems like a great idea. I should do that in my school.’”

Brock Corydon student council executive and teachers led a school-wide breakfast food drive that resulted in the collection of 1

Vilenski East is a member of the school’s student council executive, along with Crust, Michal Miron, Bjorn Isford, Zoe Reader and Dillon Runke.

“The executive comes up with ideas, which they bring to myself and a couple other teachers and we let them spearhead their initiatives,” said Grade 4/5 teacher Alex Mandaliti.

“The executive then brings it to the whole student council (which contains two members from each grade level) and pitches the idea. Then the rest of the student council help them through it.”

Miron, a Grade 6 student, said word of the breakfast food drive was spread through an assembly, announcements, posters and the school newsletter.

Vilenski East said he was impressed with the generosity his fellow students displayed during the food drive.

“Without people with warm hearts, without people that take care of other people, this wouldn’t have happened,” he said.


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