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Butterflies for Dorothy

Photos by Maggie Gehman, Tec Voc Photography

Two multi-age Grade 1,2,3 classrooms from Luxton School recently visited Tec Voc High School to work on a "together building" project.

"Together Building" is a simple concept: get two groups of students who would not normally have any interaction, and combine them to create a new sense of community building.

The two schools were working on a project called Butterflies for Dorothy—in memory of Luxton Educational Assistant Dorothy Roberts, who passed away at the beginning of the school year.

Luxton Butterflies 002.jpg

Tec Voc students took charge and guided the younger students on how to sand, paint and finish a wooden butterfly.

Luxton Butterflies.jpg

The Luxton and Tec Voc students painted a unique design on every butterfly. The finished pieces will be erected on the Luxton School grounds as a memorial for Ms. Roberts.

"This project will always be a reminder of how she touched the lives of many students over her time at Luxton School," said teacher Kendra Howard.

The young students from Luxton absolutely adored their "big buddies" from high school.

Students were excited by how HUGE the school was; one student was overheard saying "This place looks like a mansion!"

"We were grateful for the opportunity to build community and come together with the amazing staff and students at Tec Voc," Ms. Howard said.

With files from Luxton School


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