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École LaVérendrye Q&A

​​In order to provide École LaVérendrye parents as much information as possible, the following questions and answers have been prepared.

Transition committee


Classrooms and programs

Managing two sites

Construction and renovations


Future planning


Transition committee

What is the transition committee and how does it benefit École LaVérendrye parents?
The transition committee is being led by Director of Student Services, Julie Millar, and includes members of the École LaVérendrye Community Council, Winnipeg School Division and École LaVérendrye staff. The committee was tasked with identifying details, assigning work and communicating with the community to ensure there is a smooth transition between schools over the summer. In addition, the transition committee will also look at the future of Sir William Osler as a permanent French Milieu school.

Parents will benefit from regular communication from the committee as work progresses and will have their voice heard through the Community Council representatives.


How are children being transported to Sir William Osler School?
Nursery to Grade 1 students attending Sir William Osler are provided with regular school bus service. 

  • Nursery and Kindergarten students travelling home by bus at noon are provided with door-to-door service which includes stops at École LaVérendrye, the student’s home, or childcare provider as long as the address is in the catchment area.
  • When the busses arrive at Sir William Osler, students are supervised by Education Assistants to disembark safely and enter the school.
  • Parents with students not in the before school care program at École LaVérendrye and who live within walking distance of Sir William Osler may have chosen to walk their children to school.
  • Parents with students not in the before school care program at École LaVérendrye and who live within walking distance of École LaVérendrye may have chosen to walk their children to the school where they will load the bus for Sir William Osler. 

Is there supervision on the busses?
Yes, each bus transporting École LaVérendrye Nursery to Grade 1 students during the interim plan is assigned an Education Assistant to provide supervision and support for the children. Education Assistants also greet the busses at Sir William Osler and help with ushering students into the school grounds as well as escort children back to the busses to board at the end of their school day.

What happens if the children miss the bus to Sir William Osler?
It is the parent’s responsibility to have the child at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled.

Will transportation fees be waived for all École LaVérendrye students.

Normal transportation or fee-for-service for Grade 2 to 6 students who do not qualify for transportation service applies. Fees are waived for École LaVérendrye Nursery to Grade 1 students during the 2015/2016 school year.

Will Nursery to Grade 1 students have their full instruction time?
The necessary transportation is in place to ensure Nursery to Grade 1 students arrive at Sir William Osler School in time for an 8:30 a.m. start in the morning and a 12:30 p.m. start in the afternoon. The school day ends at the same time as École LaVérendrye at 3:00 p.m. and students are bussed according to the information parents/guardians provided on their transportation form.

What if my child at the Sir William Osler site is sick during the day?

In the event a child becomes ill during the day, the parent/guardian will be called to come and pick up their child at school. If this isn’t possible the school will make travel arrangements to accommodate the parent and child on a case-by-case basis.

Classrooms and programs

What kind of programs do Nursery to Grade 1 students have access to?
The École LaVérendrye Sir William Osler site has a music room, library and physical education programs. The reading recovery program, which is offered to Grade 1 students who require this support, has also been reinstated.

With the classroom space made available at École LaVérendrye, what programs were reinstated?
The school is using the space as follows, although adjustments may be made as required:

  • A separate music room.
  • Expanded Kindercare program space.  Additional after school program space was made available.
  • Grade 4 class formerly in the resource space moved back into a regular size classroom.
  • A full resource teaching space. 

What does this mean for École LaVérendrye’s Kindercare program?
The Kindercare program now has 16 spaces in the morning and 16 spaces in the afternoon for both Sir William Osler and LaVerendrye sites.       

Managing two sites

Are the 2015 Grade 1 students going to be expected to stay at Sir William Osler for Grade 2 for the 2016/17 school year?
Winnipeg School Division is currently reviewing catchment areas throughout the division. If you live in the new catchment area to be established for the Sir William Osler French Milieu school, you may choose to have your child continue school at Sir William Osler or you will have the option to have your child continue his/her schooling at École LaVérendrye .

When does École LaVérendrye go back to being a Nursery to Grade 6 school?

We fully expect École LaVérendrye to resume as a Nursery to Grade 6 once the gymnasium and classroom renovations are completed in the coming years. Administration will monitor construction at École LaVérendrye and voluntary enrolment at Sir William Osler for the 2016/17 school year and will continue to work with the transition committee to keep parents informed on progress.

What is “Plan B” if the École LaVérendrye gym isn’t completed by September 2016 school year?
With the opening of Sir William Osler as a permanent French Milieu school and the review of catchment areas in WSD, enrolment pressure will be reduced at École LaVérendrye by September 2016. We also have options at École LaVérendrye that we will discuss with the transition committee and inform parents about if that outcome is required. For example, the portable will stay in place at École LaVérendrye until full completion of the gym construction.

If we live in the new Sir William Osler catchment area where will my children attend French Milieu school in 2016?
If your children are already attending École LaVérendrye (including Sir William Osler in 2015/16) you have the option of either École LaVérendrye or Sir William Osler for the 2016 school year if the grade is able to be offered. École LaVérendrye students in Nursery to Grade 6 in the school year 2015/16 will have the option to be ‘grandfathered’ back to attend École LaVérendrye. Children in the Sir William Osler new catchment area with no prior attendance by themselves or siblings at École LaVérendrye will be required to attend Sir William Osler for French Milieu starting in 2016/17.

Will children be bussed to École LaVérendrye from Sir William Osler for school events, assemblies, concerts, hot lunch?
Many traditional school events can be celebrated simultaneously at both sites. In addition, the school is identifying what events can be held for the entire school and transportation arrangements will be made accordingly.  

How will the school hold tri-conferences (parent/teacher/student) in two locations?
Scheduling tri-conferences in two sites poses a challenge and the school will work together with parents to schedule the conferences. The school is considering offering two different nights and one same daytime option.

Why was Sir William Osler chosen for Nursery to Grade 1 students instead of Grade 3 – 6 students?
The existing gym at École LaVérendrye is better suited for the older students.

How will this affect the reading buddies programs where Grade 3 and older kids partner with younger kids to help with reading skills.
That is one of the challenges of providing more space for everyone. The school will look for ways to continue to develop engaging reading activities in our two school sites.

Will there be a reading recovery program for École LaVérendrye students?
Yes, the reading recovery program, for Grade 1 students who require this support, iwas reinstated and is located at the Sir William Osler site.  

How many classes of each grade will there be at Sir William Osler?
For the 2015/16 school year there is one morning and one afternoon nursery and one morning and one afternoon kindergarten and three Grade 1 classes.

Construction and renovations


1.        École LaVérendrye Gymnasium Addition: Construction began in August, 2015 and is currently underway with a completion expected for the end of Summer 2016.

2.        École LaVérendrye Electrical Upgrade:

a.  Receptacles, conduit and branch wiring completed in classrooms.

b.  New electrical panels installed complete with new feeders puled an connections made at main distribution..

c.  Panels expected to be energized by Aug. 14 or 17.

3.        École LaVérendrye Washrooms Renovations on schedule:

a.     Phase 1 & 2 – Girl’s & Boy’s washroom:

                           i. Construction start of phase 1 – week of July 6, 2015.

                            ii. Completion of Phase 1 – Nov. 1 2015.

                            iii. Construction start of phase 2 – Sept. 1, 2015.

                             iv. Completion of Phase 2 – Nov. 30 2015.

4.        École LaVérendrye Riel Room renovations completed. 




Cost to implement interim plan at Sir William Osler site

       Transportation estimated $140,000 (reserve fund)

       Staffing estimated $112,000 (reserve fund)

       Sir William Osler classroom preparation estimated $87,000 (prioritized within the existing WSD budget for school building maintenance)

       Sir William Osler gymnatorium repairs estimated $15,000 (reserve fund)

       Washroom modifications estimated $6,000 (reserve fund)

       Relocate play structure estimated $70,000 (reserve fund & PFSB)

       Other costs for facility equipment estimated $31,000 (reserve fund)

       New play structure at École LaVérendrye after gym completion estimated $120,000 (reserve fund)


Cost to implement interim plan at École LaVérendrye

       Electrical upgrades $104,000 (previously approved)

       Wireless $30,000 (previously approved)

       Two washroom renovations $408,000 (previously approved)

       Miscellaneous painting/flooring upgrades $15,000 (reserve fund)


Future planning

What is the 5-year plan for French Immersion in WSD?
WSD will continue to review all French Immersion programs across WSD catchment areas. This includes enrolment estimates, boundary changes and capping enrolment.

WSD is working with the province to acquire funding to build an entirely new school at the Sir William Osler site for a Nursery to Grade 8 French Milieu.

WSD is working with the Province to acquire funding to build a dual track French Immersion school at Waterford Green in the North District.

What are WSD’s long term plans for the large number of French Milieu students at École LaVérendrye when they complete Grade 6? Where will they go for Junior High?
We recognize that the number of students enrolled in French Immersion is continuing to grow. Currently the only option for  École LaVérendrye​ students if they want to continue in a French Milieu setting is to attend College Churchill or if they choose to switch to dual track French Immersion they attend École River Heights School. As we progress with our current plan, some may have the option to attend Sir William Osler for junior high. 


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