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Gordon Bell quizmaster

​George Pearce, who teaches Grades 7 and 8 at Gordon Bell High School, is hosting a province-wide Kahoot! day on Dec. 17.

Kahoot! is a game-based online learning platform where users can generate multiple-choice quizzes or “kahoots” that can be accessed via a web browser or the Kahoot! app.

Pearce said he started using the online quiz game during the remote learning period in the spring as a way of getting his students engaged with their studies.

Then, in late November, Pearce connected with 15 other teachers that were using Kahoot! in their classrooms. The corresponding event saw over 250 students playing the game simultaneously, including students in Brandon, Carman and Thompson.

“I thought, ‘That was a lot of fun. Let’s do a bigger one’,” Pearce said. “I put it out there on Facebook assuming I would get like 25, maybe 30 teachers interested. Now, I have more than 150 teachers on an email list that all want to participate with their associated classrooms. And the list is growing. There’s a good chance we’ll hit our max capacity of 2,000 players.”

In Kahoot!, players receive the quiz questions via a shared screen and select the appropriate responses using their smart phone or other digital device.

For November’s games, Pearce was able to share his screen via Google Meet, but with so many participants expected on Dec. 17, he plans to livestream the kahoots on YouTube.

“I have a lot more control over what people see with YouTube,” Pearce said. “I’m not just sharing my screen. I get to put my webcam on and have transitions and maybe background music. My students are excited and I’m excited.”

In class, Pearce uses Kahoot! for more educational purposes, but he said the quizzes on Dec. 17 will be all about having fun, with kahoots that are holiday, Manitoba or pop culture themed.

“It’s the last week of school before break so teachers are looking for those fun activities. I think its valuable to bring some joy and connection to people’s lives,” Pearce said.

“I want to help all teachers in Manitoba infuse some exciting moments into their weekly plans, giving students something to look forward to and providing my fellow teachers with some much-deserved support during this difficult time in education.”

Manitoba teachers interested in signing up for Gordon Bell’s upcoming Kahoot! event can sign up here.


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