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Made in Manitoba breakfast

Elmwood High School students enjoyed a Made in Manitoba breakfast and explored agri-careers during a visit from Agriculture in the Classroom.

The non-profit organization, which visited Elmwood on Oct. 24, provides curriculum based programming for teachers and students to learn more about the role of agriculture in Manitoba.

“We’ve been doing a lot in class with the programs Agriculture in the Classroom offers,” said Elmwood science and mathematics teacher Jenna Forslund. “With the presentation and the locally sourced breakfast, students will get more insight on sustainable practices in the province and the importance of locally sourcing our food.”

The breakfast—which consisted of pancakes, canola margarine and honey, pork and chicken sausages, eggs and chocolate milk—was served by local farmers and agricultural workers.

Students also learned the breadth of products produced by Manitoba agriculture, from food to cosmetics to medicine and more.

“Agriculture is everywhere…even the clothes on your back are tied to agriculture,” said Agriculture in the Classroom—Manitoba’s Tenesha Lawson.

Students learned that 2.2 million Canadians are employed in agriculture today, which accounts for one in eight jobs.

one in eight Manitoba jobs are linked to agriculture, from agri-business to transportation to production.

“This program is meant to relay to students living in urban settings that agriculture is not just a rural practice. There are many opportunities available to those living in the city,” Ms. Forslund said. “Hopefully this will give students some career inspirations as well.”

Ms. Lawson said that those careers will become more prevalent as the world population continues to grow.

“The population is growing…and it will be your generation that has to face those challenges to feed over 9 billion people by 2050,” she told students.  

The program also visited Gordon Bell High School and Tyndall Park Community School this fall.

For more information on Agriculture in the Classroom, visit aitc.mb.ca .

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