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North End Spirit

St. John’s High School recently hosted an evening to celebrate community partnerships and the North End spirit.

Celebrating the North End, a community barbecue and resource fair, was held in late spring. The well-attended event offered an opportunity to watch cultural entertainment and learn more about different community resources and organizations.

“This brings everyone closer together,” said student Drayden Harris, who performed a Red River Jig as part of the evening’s entertainment. “And the entertainers tonight, they get a chance to be proud and feel good about themselves.”

The school previously held a similar event in November of 2016 and was looking to build on past successes.

“The turnout has been great,” said Bernice Rempel, Chair of both the Celebrating the North End Steering Committee and the St. John's High School Parent & Community Advisory Council. “This is all about community…and the North End is rich in resources.”

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Community resources included mental health groups, after-school clubs and health outreach. The fair also included several internal St. John’s community groups, including two entrepreneurial clubs: 3 Bites Baking, which sells baked goods, and North End Woodworking, which sells hand-crafted wood products. St. John’s Grannies Club also participated in the evening.

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Cultural entertainment ranged from Indigenous and Métis to African and beyond.

“We’re such a diverse group, and that’s our strength,” said Indigenous Graduation Coach Stephanie Midford. “Tonight we’re celebrating our similarities and differences. We all want the best for our community.”

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