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Partners and Learning

Students at Kent Road School are inviting their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings to share in the classroom experience thanks to a popular and long-running program called Partners and Learning.

“The idea is to have families, or anyone significant to the child, come to school to spend time doing curricular activities,” said Guidance Counsellor Brenda Ryant. “The afternoon is planned around interactive activities for families and students to participate in.” 

For example, in February, a classroom hosted families for a Festival du Voyageur themed event. Students and their families learned about Louis Riel, tried out jigging and spoon playing, sampled bannock and learning math through a fur trading post.

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Throughout the course of the school year, Kent Road will host a Partners and Learning event in each classroom.

“We wanted to get our community to come to Kent Road on a day that wasn’t about parent-teacher interviews or anything formal. Just have them for a regular school day,” Ms. Ryant said.

Parent Randi Gibson, who has attended several such events with her children, said they were an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

“The kids get to show their parents what they’re learning, and it’s a great way to interact with the kids and see them interacting with other students.”

A week prior to a classroom hosting an event, students think about who they would like to invite and create special invitations to send home.

“Students are invited to bring whoever is significant to them. It doesn’t have to be a parent,” Ms. Ryant said. “And they can bring as many people as they like.”

The learning celebration has been a continued success at Kent Road, having been a part of the school for 15 years.

“It continues to be a really positive way to get parents into the building,” Ms. Ryant said.

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