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Ready to play

Students at Tyndall Park Community School are ready to play with the opening of an all-access play structure.

On hand for the Sept. 14 official opening were City Councillor Mike Pagtakham, WSD Trustee Dean Koshelanyk, WSD Director of Buildings Mile Rendulic, Tyndall Park parents and more.

Tyndall park dignitaries.JPG

“Play is time spent without purpose,” said Tyndall Park Principal Gisele Mospanchuk during the ceremony. “We need to allow all children of all races, diversity and needs to have a chance to really explore play. Play develops creativity and provides brain-building activity.”

The structure includes ramps for easy access for students with different levels of mobility, tactile challenges and a sway-and-glide platform that can hold several wheelchairs at once. The “sway” platform is the first of its kind in Manitoba.

The project was made possible through funding from the City of Winnipeg, the Tyndall Park Parent Council, Manitoba’s Community Places Grant, and a WSD Accessibility Grant.

Tyndall Park Parent Council member Tracy Marchuk, who was involved heavily in the grant application process, said those partnerships allowed organizers to go big and build a structure that was all-inclusive.

Tyndall Park Sway Fun.jpg

“When we first started, we initially thought about just adding something to our existing play structure…but after we did some research and visited other playgrounds, we saw that there weren’t many components that allowed someone with mobility issues to participate in playing,” she said. “With features like the sway-and-glide, these students can fully participate.”

Former Parent Council President Sheri Pimentel said the structure has been unofficially open since being erected in July, and has proven tremendously popular ever since.

“It’s awesome. Over the summer, I would come here and invite parents and families who were at our old structure to come and check this out. The kids just loved it.”

Tyndall Park Slide.jpg


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