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Sir William Osler mascot unveiled

École Sir William Osler students impress to dress.

On May 25, Grade 3 students learned how to use a heat press to imprint their school mascot, the Sir William Osler Otter, onto their very own blue t-shirts. 

John Zonneveld, a graphic design teacher at Kelvin High School, along with Kelvin students Daniel Strang and Catherine Woloshyn, provided the heat press and demonstrated the printing process.

“I’m friends with Karen (Loveridge, Sir William Osler principal), so we sit at the lake in summers and we came up with this idea,” Zonneveld said.

“She was saying they needed a mascot for the school. They didn’t have one because it’s such a new school, so we came up with this fun, little, animated otter. These are called heat transfers. It’s a bit of a different process than screen printing. It allows us to go on-site and do it as a lesson for the kids.”

Sir William Osler Otter Shirt 1.JPG

Kelvin High School teacher John Zonneveld shows Junon, a Grade 3 student at Sir William Osler, how to heat print an image to a t-shirt.

Heat pressing an image to a shirt takes less than five seconds, with a little added time needed for properly positioning the shirt and graphic.

“I’ve done a thousand shirts in a day before for the Kelvin 100th anniversary (in 2012),” Zonneveld said.

Sir William Osler is a new/old school in Winnipeg School Division. Built in 1955, Sir William Osler closed in 1991, but reopened last year as a French immersion school. Sir William Osler is currently home to 85 nursery to Grade 3 students, with Grades 4, 5, and 6 to be added one by one in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

That means Grade 3 students are the big kids at Sir William Osler and will continue to be in the coming years.  

“It’s really so interesting because they have a lot of leadership opportunities that Grade 3 students wouldn’t normally have,” Loveridge said.

“They do our announcements and are actually now training our Grade 2s to do the announcements. If we have an assembly or a Remembrance Day ceremony, they’re our greeters at the door. Yesterday we had a walkathon so the Grade 3s helped out with the nursery and kinders.”

Sir William Osler Otter Shirt 4.JPG

Kelvin Grade 11 students Daniel Strang (left) and Catherine Woloshyn prepped the design for printing.



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