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World Food Day 2017

Story and photos by Jared Story

Tec Voc High School students took stock of food issues, and made stock too.

On October 16, Tec Voc culinary arts and human ecology students served up soup and a bun as part of World Food Day, an annual initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

“I like to encourage healthy eating and I like to encourage students to have a world view, that there are other people in the world that aren’t as fortunate as they are. As little as they have, there are other people who have less,” said Tec Voc human ecology teacher Christa Webster.

“So, in conjunction with culinary arts, the students created soup. We’ve costed it out. Some people in the world survive on as little as 65 cents a meal. We’re charging a dollar for soup and bread, which supplies the minimum required nutrients.”

The students made two soups: cream of potato and Three Sisters soup. “Three Sisters” refers to beans, corn and squash, three crops traditionally planted together by various Indigenous groups in North America.

Also, for this year’s World Food Day, Tec Voc took the theme of “How can we reduce food waste?” The students serving the soup said they reduce food waste by finding alternative uses for unwanted bits of food.

“For example, if we peel potatoes, we use the skins to deep fry,” said Tec Voc culinary arts student Denice Linag.

All the money raised by Tec Voc’s soup sales will go to creating Christmas hampers, which will be distributed to families in the Tec Voc community.

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