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Community Use of Schools

General Information

Winnipeg School Division buildings may be booked for community use after 6:00 p.m. weekdays. The Permits Section is responsible for permits issued for this use.

The Permit Section also issues permits to various other outside organizations including Parks and Recreation, Folklorama, Federal and Provincial elections, etc. The guidelines used by the Permit Section for the issuing of permits can be found in Policy KG (Use of School Facilities).

Types of Permits

The Permit Section issues two types of permits: Non-Pay Permits and Pay Permits.

Local Permits which are issued by school only.


Non-Pay Permits are issued by the Permit Section for various school activities that involve caretaker's overtime. Schools are asked to submit the full page sheet permit request for these events.


The Permit Section also issues Pay Permits to outside groups only. They include such organizations as daycares, Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Youth Orchestras, Town Hall meetings, Non-Profit Children's Groups, Community Use Groups (who meet the criteria of 90%residence), etc. The charge to these groups effective is a permit fee of $50.00. We also issue pay permits to Parks and Recreation to operate their programs. Other outside organizations, depending on the purpose, will be charged a rental rate of $50.00 per hour plus G.S.T. and the Permit Fee. If Special equipment is required such as Tables and Chairs, staging, risers. Please contact Permit Department for a quote. 


Local Permits are issued by schools when there is no caretaker's overtime involved for such activities as extra-curricular school activities, tournaments, Practices, Parent Council Meetings, Parent/Teacher interviews, musicals, school concerts, etc. The Principal can alsoissue local permits to Community Use Groups on a one-time only basis.

Application and Fees

All applicants must send their request in writing to our Permits Section so that we can review their needs:

Attention: Permits Clerk
Winnipeg School Division
1395 Spruce Street
Winnipeg, MB R3E 2V8
Phone: 204-789-0421
Fax: 204-774-6406
E-mail: spalmer@wsd1.org

Permit Application for use of School Buildings

Permit Application for use of School Grounds

If a community use, the following is required:

  • a list of all participants with their home addresses
  • what the school is going to be used for
  • the dates and times the group wants it for, etc.
  • A contact person, with phone number (during office hours) to contact.
  • Fees are determined on what type of permit, what coverage is necessary at the school, etc.


WSD facilities are given on a first come first serve basis, with the needs of the group in mind and the authority of the principal to use their school. 


Please notify the division at time of requesting permit, if accessibility arrangements, and particulars, are required. 

Other Information

It is very important that any permits issued by schools are sent into the Permit Section. This assists our section in ensuring that there are no conflicts with outside groups when a school event is taking place.

The permit section also looks after advising outside groups when a permit is to be cancelled for school events and/or lack of custodial coverage.

If anyone has questions pertaining to permits, please feel free to contact the Permit Clerk at 204-789-0421 for assistance.