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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for undertaking a Parent Committee Funded Upgrade to a Division School or School Grounds?

Parent Committee Groups wishing to undertake an upgrade to a Division School or School Grounds must first obtain the approval of the School Principal and the Superintendent of Planning & System Services. The Principal must then submit a written description of the project, complete with anticipated sources of funding, to the Building Department’s Director of Buildings. Should approval in principle be provided, the parent group can proceed with fund raising activities and hiring of a consultant as required to prepare design and construction documents. When sufficient funds are in place to undertake the proposed upgrade, the design and construction documents must be submitted to the Building Department for review and approval. The Building Department will arrange for tendering of the project, submission to the Board of Trustees and project administration on behalf of the Parent Committee.

How are new schools and major additions or renovations to schools, planned and funded?

The Division has a Five-Year Capital Plan which prioritizes all new school projects, major additions, renovations and system replacements. Major projects included in the Five-Year Plan are identified by the Division’s Long Range Facility Planning Committee and then submitted to the Building and Transportation Committee (3 Trustees). The Five-Year Capital plan is updated annually, reviewed by the Board of Trustees, and then submitted to the Province of Manitoba, Department of Education’s Public Schools Finance Board for funding consideration. All new school projects, major additions and renovations, as well as system replacements (heating systems, ventilation systems, roofing systems, structural systems) are funded directly by the Public Schools Finance Board.

What requirements must construction contractors satisfy in order to qualify to bid on Division Work?

Construction Contractors wishing to bid on Division projects must carry a minimum of $5,000,000.00 Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage and be appropriately qualified to undertake the work in which they intend to bid. Contractors bidding on construction work with a value in excess of $50,000.00 are also required to provide Bid Bonds with their Construction Bid and, if successful, will be required to provide a Performance Bond. If the project has a value in excess of $250,000.00, in addition to providing a Performance Bond, the Contractor will be required to submit a Labour and Material Payment Bond.

What requirements must Professional Architects and Engineers satisfy to be invited to provide Professional Consultant Services on Division construction projects?

Professional Architects and Engineers providing professional services on Division projects must be registered to practice in the Province of Manitoba, carry third party liability insurance for not less than $2,000,000.00 and Professional Liability Insurance for not less than $500,000.00 per claim.

How does the Division appoint Professional Architects and Engineers for construction projects?

Architectural firms for all Division projects are appointed on the basis of an Architectural Selection Process developed by the Division.  Every three (3) years Architects in the Province of Manitoba are invited to submit their credentials to the Division for inclusion in the Division’s Architectural Selection Process. Further details on the selection process itself can be obtained by phoning the Building Department. Professional Engineers who wish to be considered for consultant services for commission levels of less than $20,000.00 must submit their credentials to the Division’s Building Department. Engineers can then be invited to submit proposals for commissions as suited to their credentials. Engineers for Consultant Services with a commission value of over $20,000.00  are selected through a public advertised Request for Proposals process.

What is the process to be followed by a Parent Committee in order to undertake a play structure replacement or upgrade?

Parent Committee’s wishing to upgrade or replace their play structure must first have the approval of the School Principal and the Superintendent of Planning & System Services. Once these approvals are in place, the Building Department can provide the Principal and Parent Committee with a complete guide on the approval process and the Division’s minimum play structure requirements. The Building Department will also assign a staff member to work directly with the school administration and parent committee to facilitate the process.

How are Division funded renovations within schools planned and approved?

School Principal’s who wish to have a Division funded renovation undertaken within their facility must prepare a detailed description of the renovation complete with supporting rationale, and submit the request to the Superintendent of Planning & System Services on a “Superintendent’s Department Renovation Request Form”. This form may be found on the Manuals and Forms area of the WSD at Work Staff web page. The Superintendent of Planning & System Services reviews all renovation requests and prioritizes the projects into a Three-Year Long Range Plan. All projects identified on the Superintendent’s Three-Year Plan are assessed and estimated by the Building Department prior to development of the detailed construction documents. The Superintendent’s Three-Year Renovation Plan is submitted to the Long Range Planning Committee for review and approval on an annual basis.


What process must a School Principal follow to have an exterior illuminated reader board sign installed on the school property?

School requests for exterior display signs must be approved by the Superintendent of Planning & System Services and may then be submitted to the Director of Buildings for review and approval. Schools are responsible for all costs associated with the installation and maintenance of these display signs. The Building Department will provide schools with technical direction on location and power supply for the signs. When all funding and pricing information is confirmed, the Building Department will also arrange for approval of the project by the Board of Trustees.

What process must Day Cares follow if they intend to renovate their spaces or add additional equipment?

Prior to proceeding with any renovation of a day care facility or addition of major equipment, Day Care Directors must submit a detailed description of the proposed upgrading to the School Principal and Superintendent of Planning & System Services for approval. If the proposed upgrading is acceptable to the Principal and Superintendent of Planning & System Servies, the Day Care must then submit the project description to the Director of Buildings for review and approval. The Building Department will require construction drawings of the proposed renovation or upgrade. In addition, contractors retained by the day care must carry a minimum of $5,000,000.00 Commercial General Liability Insurance and obtain all required building permits prior to proceeding with any work.

Why aren’t the school grounds being treated for dandelions and other weeds?

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, it has been the Division's practice that herbicides not be used on Division property for health and safety reasons.

Can schools initiate changes to the building without going through the Building Department?

The Principal and the Superintendent of Planning & System Services must approve the recommended change and forward the request to the Building Department for design and implementation.


What is the process for adding or removing exterior lighting to school property?

The school must submit a request through Schooldude and same will be routed to the electrical designer who will confirm the need and develop the appropriate design. The cost of the work must be accommodated in an approved budget.


How does a member of the community apply to use facilities which are included in joint-use agreements with the City of Winnipeg?

The terms and conditions between the City of Winnipeg and the Division may vary and the requestor should contact the office of the Secretary-Treasurer for details or clarification

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