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Human Resource Services

Welcome to the Winnipeg School Division's Human Resource Services Department. 

We are responsible for providing services to both teaching and non-teaching staff of the division. Included in these services are labour relations, collective bargaining and contract administration; recruitment and employment; job analysis; employee records; employment equity; policy development; wellness and workplace safety & health. 

We are located on the first floor of the Administration Building No. 1 at 1577 Wall Street East.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Click on these links for more information on our collective agreements and personnel policies

Visit the Careers section for more information about a career with us.

Professional Learning & Leadership Centre provides ongoing learning for teachers in Winnipeg School Division.

General enquiries can be sent by email to humanresources@wsd1.org


For general inquiries, contact us at 204-789-0483 or send an email to humanresources@wsd1.org.

Eric Barnaby, Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 204-789-0479   Email: ebarnaby@wsd1.org

Lizette Grivicic, Senior Human Resources Officer / WCB Officer
Phone: 204-789-0473   Email: lgrivicic@wsd1.org

Joelle Aylward, Human Resources Officer
Phone: 204-789-0499   Email: jaylward@wsd1.org

Brenda Fouillard-Rowan, Human Resources Officer
Phone: 204-789-0478  Email: browan@wsd1.org

Löis Paré, Human Resources Officer
Phone: 204-789-0446   Email: lpare@wsd1.org

Heather Closen, Wellness / Early Intervention
Phone: 204-789-0493   Email: hclosen@wsd1.org

Susan Homeniuk, Clerk / Absence Reporting
Phone: 204-789-0475   Email: shomeniuk@wsd1.org

Human Resource Services – Staffing Office

Room 103 – 1180 Notre Dame Avenue

Joanne Esteban, Staffing Advisor
Phone: 204-789-0466   Email: jesteban@wsd1.org

Jessica Levitt, Staffing Advisor
Phone: 204-789-0414   Email: jlevitt@wsd1.org

Workplace Safety & Health

Pierre Dufault, Workplace Safety & Health Officer
Phone: 204-789-0408   Email: pdufault@wsd1.org

Cindy Henning, Workplace Safety & Health Officer
Phone: 204-789-0488   Email: chenning@wsd1.org

Michael Myslicki, Workplace Safety & Health Officer
Phone: 204-789-0469  Email: mmyslicki@wsd1.org

Custodial Support Services

Russell Premack, Coordinator, Custodial Support Services
Phone: 204-789-0420   Email: rpremack@wsd1.org

George Bazay, Assistant Coordinator, Custodial Support Services
Phone: 204-789-0467   Email: gbazay@wsd1.org

Analyn Velasco, Custodial Substitute Calling Clerk
Phone: 204-789-0406   Email: avelasco@wsd1.org