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Conducting Research


External Research

Individuals and/or external groups/organizations wishing to conduct research projects, surveys, and questionnaires involving students, staff or parents require approval from the Division.
Policy LEC - Research Projects, Surveys and Questionnaires
Research Application


Research Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference
  1. To act as an Advisory Committee to the Chief Superintendent with regard to the approval of all external research project requests involving research with children.
  2. Screen all requests described in No. 1 on the basis of ethics, research methodology, disruptions to the schools and benefit to the Division, education and/or society.
  3. Recommend approval to the Chief Superintendent through the Chairperson of the Research Advisory Committee.
Deans of Faculties,
Deans of Graduate Studies
Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba
Research Departments and Institutions


Many s​tudies conducted by thesis-level students and professional researchers require the participation of students in Winnipeg School Division schools and programs. The Division wishes to encourage this participation, and has established a Research Advisory Committee to the Chief Superintendent to screen studies requesting the participation of students within its jurisdiction and to expedite the completion of approved projects.

Above is a copy of the terms of reference, research guidelines and application form designed to assist researchers in meeting the research request requirements of the Winnipeg School Division. You will note that all projects emanating from individuals and agencies external to the Winnipeg School Division must be approved by the Division.

The Research Advisory Committee is made up of staff of the Winnipeg School Division and representatives from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg. The Committee will screen applications on the basis of ethics, research methodology, and disruptions to the schools, and benefit to the Division, education and/or society.

There are several aspects of the Guidelines and submission procedure I would like to emphasize in order to minimize disappointment by researchers:

  1. The Research Advisory Committee WILL NOT CONSIDER incomplete application forms. Nor will the Committee accept detailed research proposals attached to the application form. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that the essential information necessary for the Committee to make an informed decision is provided on the application form. The Research Guidelines outline what attachments are required by the Committee.
  2. (Guideline #4). The Committee will review applications upon receipt should there be a sufficient amount applications received a meeting will take place.
  3. (Guideline #5). The Committee does not, in principle, allow research in the schools in May, June and September; as you can appreciate, students and staff are extremely busy with the beginning and end-of-term school processes. The exception to this principle is research which, by its nature, must be done in May, June or September (e.g., research into allergies).
  4. (Guidelines #10 and #11). The final decision regarding all research requests will be made by the Chief Superintendent based on the recommendations of the Research Advisory Committee.
  5. (Guideline #13). Approval by the Division DOES NOT obligate a school, its staff or students to participate in the study.


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