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Student Registrations and Enrolment


The Secretary-Treasurer’s Department

Student Registrations and Enrolment Section

The non-resident section is responsible for the reporting of all non-resident students attending a Winnipeg School Division in grades N-12, and the collection of fees payable.
The Enrolment section of the Secretary Treasurer’s Department is responsible for the verification and reporting of all students attending a Division School and/or Program, each Sept 30th, to the Department of Education.  The Division is required to report student data in accordance with the Public School Enrolment and Categorical Grants Reporting instruction booklet.

International Students

If you would like information on the Winnipeg School Division Schools:
Click on the Our Schools link at the top of this page for information of all the Winnipeg School Division Schools. 
Please contact the non-resident section at 204-789-0489 or by email to nonresident@wsd1.org  for further information.

Non-resident Nursery Students

Children must turn four by Dec. 31 and live with their legal guardian within the boundaries of the Winnipeg School Division in order to be registered for Nursery.  The entire cost is funded by the Winnipeg School Division via the education special levy on property taxes.  Non-Resident students are not allowed to access the Nursery Program without paying a non-resident fee.  The fee is payable by the parent/legal guardian.  Please contact nonresident@wsd1.org for fees and procedure.
If a student registers and begins a nursery program in September as a resident and moves outside of the division during the school year, fees are payable for the remainder of the school year (effective from the move date).  Please contact non-resident clerk at 204-789-0489, or by email to nonresident@wsd1.org.


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