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Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (January 1, 2006)

Purchase Orders are issued by The Winnipeg School Division and accepted by the supplier subject to the Terms and Conditions as follows:
  • Material is not to be substituted or exchanged without the authority of the Purchasing Department.
  • The School Division will not be responsible for material and/or labour supplied without an order.
  • The covering purchase order number is to be shown on all invoices, bills of lading, acknowledgments, cartons, and other documents that may be sent to the School Division.
  • All cash discounts will be calculated from actual date invoices are received.
  • Manitoba Revenue Tax, if applicable, is to be charged on the covering invoice.
  • The contract arising out of acceptance of this Purchase Order shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Manitoba.
  • No employee of the Division shall act as agent for any person in the sale, or in promoting the sale, of any book, map, chart, furniture, apparatus, stationery or other thing, for use in a school or school library; or receive any remuneration or other compensation for any such sale or for promoting any such sale.
  • All equipment shall comply with all laws in effect with the City of Winnipeg bylaws in the Province of Manitoba.​

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