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Children's Heritage Fund Approved Projects March 7, 2017

Children's Heritage Fund - Committee Meeting - March 7, 2017

Arts Enrichment

Grosvenor School
Fine Arts Night - The Students will participate in a Musical Production. The project will allow teachers to integrate the Arts (visual, music, drama and dance) into the students' learning experience. The production is a culmination of classroom inquiries that include the integration of human rights, Indigenous perspectives and learning surrounding the 7 Sacred Teachings. Funding is Supplies not available at school, venue, and costumes (created by students).
Totals for Arts Enrichment: $2,000

Multicultural & Cultural

Dufferin School
Rain Stick Workshop - The project focus is on Early Years, N/K-3 students and their families, and will promote and increase student/parent and community involvement. The project will help build parent capacity and establish respectful inclusive behaviour. The project will allow an artist to work with parents and families to create a Rain Stick. Learning experiences will include the history and importance of the rain stick. Funding is Fee for Service/Performances, Supplies not available in school, Film & Developing.

Faraday School
PowWow Regalia - Student learning will come from participating and performing in the school's PowWow Club. As part of the Indigenous culture, Regalia is created. Funding is Fee for Service/Performance, Supplies not available in school.

Harrow School
Archway to Makerspace – This project will allow the continuation of the development of the Markerspace in the Library. Artists will visit the school and inspire students to create a whimsical curious entrance to a space dedicated to innovation, creativity and experimental inquiries. Funding is Artist's Fee/Guest Speaker, Supplies not available in school.

Luxton School
Children’s Festival - This project will enhance students' creativity. The students will engage in hands-on activities outside the classroom, create art, using various mediums such as dance, drama, storytelling and music. The activities will expose students to different cultures and meet with community members. Funding is Student Admissions/Registration.

St. John’s High School
Spiritual Connection (Student Sweat) – Students will develop a sense of self-worth, self-understanding, patience and ways to respect and honour life. Students will attend the Spring and Summer season Sweat. Students will learn the significance of a Sweat and that the Sweat Lodge is a place of spiritual refuge, mental and physical well-being. A Spiritual Leader will lead and guide students and teachers through the Sweat Funding is Fee for Service/Performances, Supplies not available in School.
Totals for Multicultural & Cultural $4,970

Outdoor Education

Brock Corydon
Camp 2017 - The outdoor camp experience will enhance student learning in Science, ESD, Physical Fitness and promote a Healthy Lifestyle. Students will develop leadership skills, share experiences and learn to work collaboratively. Funding is supplies not available in school, equipment/rental/instruction, camp accommodation/fees.

General Wolfe School
Grade 9 Camp Arnes - Students will collaborate, develop leadership skills, promote communication, and will also have the opportunity to apply Science and Physical Education to their outdoor educational experience. Funding is Camp accommodation/rental/fees.

Grant Park High School
Grade 8 General Camp Cedarwood Fall 2017 Retreat – Students will develop team-building skills, develop positive and healthy relationships through outdoor exploration of the natural environment. Students are currently working on personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
Outdoor camp provides experiences in new physical and outdoor activities. Funding is Supplies not covered in school, Equipment Rental/Instruction, Camp accommodation/rental/fees.

John M. King School
Camping - Students are provided the opportunity to attend overnight camp, participate in outdoor education experiences, and experience activities that might not be available to them such as Kayaking, canoeing and swimming. Funding is Camp accommodation/rental.

Isaac Newton School
Indigenous Experience Camp – Lake Nutmik - Students will be exposed to Indigenous culture and history in and around the Canadian Shield. Students will share experiences, and will be introduced to many opportunities Manitoba has to offer. The trip will strengthen relationships and provide positive school memories for students as they continue their education. Funding is Student Admissions/Registrations, Artist's Fee/Guest Speaker, Supplies not available in school, Camp accommodation/rental/fees.

Ralph Brown School
Ralph Brown School Cultural Camp – Students will participate in cultural and traditional camp activities that are related to school priorities. Students will enjoy teambuilding, develop skills related to outdoor and cultural activities, participate in activities related to the art, drama, music, and the physical education curricula. Funding is Camp accommodations/rental/fees.

River Elm School
Outdoor Education Overnight Camp at Camp Arnes - Students are provided with a unique opportunity to learn in an outdoor environment. Students will participate in a variety of activities that cater to visual, kinaesthetic, tactual and cognitive intelligences. Student learning will include collaboration, journal writing, and developing skills in various outdoor activities. Funding is Camp accommodation/rental fees.

River Heights School
Outdoor Education Leadership Camp - Camp Stephens - Students will have an opportunity to practice the skills they have developed throughout the school year during the outdoor education and options course. Funding is Camp accommodation/rental fees.

Rockwood School
Intermediate Camp 2017 - Students are provided with an opportunity to participate in outdoor educational experiences, to work and play co- operatively, and to connect with the natural environment around them. This is keeping with the school's ESD priorities. Funding is Camp accommodations/rental fees.

Sister MacNamara School
Grade 5 Outdoor Education Learning Experience – Students will be challenged in an outdoor environment and will continue their personal and social development. The students will have an opportunity to build relationships and develop collaboration skills. The students will experience outdoor activities that include canoeing, kayaking, sailing and other team building activities. Funding is camp accommodation/rental fees.

Tec Voc High School
Ski Assessippi – Students will experience a new outdoor activity, build new friendships, and strengthen relationships with teachers. Funding is Camp accommodation/rental fees.

Strathcona School
Natural Curiosity – Camp Stephens – Students are provided the opportunity to connect with nature, to consolidate learning across the arts and sciences and the opportunity to celebrate a successful school year. Students will participate in a wide variety of activities that will challenge them in the lessons they've learned in Science, Music, Drama and Technology. Funding is Supplies not available in school, Camp accommodations/Rental fees.
Totals for Outdoor Education $23,000

Special Student Activities

Argyle Alternative
Holistic Well-Being through Animal Connections - This project aims to provide students with the opportunity to positively develop their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through therapeutic hands-on experiences with animals. This is a collaborative learning model that emphasizes a two-way relationship between human and animal, to aid in developing effective communication skills. Students will develop the awareness of how their actions can affect others, improve empathy and social skills. Funding is Equipment Rental/Instruction.

Fort Rouge School
Guitar Club – Students will have an opportunity to be further engaged with learning to play an instrument, practice at home, and learning new songs and music and be exposed to lessons and learning that may not otherwise occur for some students. Students will celebrate their learning by performances for family, friends, and school community members. Funding is Supplies not available at school, Equipment Rental/Instruction.

Harrow School
Plants and Animals in the Prairies and Marshes, and their Aboriginal connection - Student learning will include the history and management of a Marsh, as well as its seasonal inhabitants. Students will learn the stages of development for various animals and the environment. Students will take part in activities at Oak Hammock Marsh. Funding is Student Admissions/Registrations.

King Edward School
King Edward Dance Crew – This project emphasizes teamwork as well provides students with an opportunity to perform their talents. The project also provides great mentorship and role models from former King Edward students who have been or are currently part of Sisler’s Most Wanted group and who are skilled instructors. This is an after-school program held once a week for one hour. Funding is Fee for Service/Performances.

Machray School
Indigenous Dioramas – A group of ten target students are provided a learning opportunity to explore Indigenous History in Manitoba/Canadian Context. The selected students are based upon Tier 1 Behaviour Intervention and their interest in history and culture. Students will create 1/77th scale dioramas of events directly involving the Indigenous people of Manitoba. The project will involve a great deal of research as well as building and painting. Funding is supplies not available in schools.
Totals for Special Student Activities $6,601



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