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Careers & Staff

We thank you for your interest in employment with one of the finest teams of professionals in the education field. The quality of our programs, staff, students and school communities helps us attract and retain the best people. This section will help you see the many reasons why you should consider a career with the Winnipeg School Division – from the wonderful range of student programming and professional development opportunities, to the opportunity to work for a dynamic, ever changing and professional organization.

How To Apply

The Winnipeg School Division accepts applications on an ongoing basis for all positions.
Applications for all positions are kept on file for a one year period.
Applications are reviewed (no acknowledgment is sent) and should the Applicant’s qualifications and experience match those of positions the Division is currently seeking to fill, applicants may be contacted for a General Interview by the Human Resources Department.
After a General Interview, the Applicant’s information is kept on file for a one-year period from the date of interview, and the pool of pre-interviewed applications may then be used to maintain appropriate Substitute (Casual) Rosters.
Should the Division wish to hire a Pre-Interviewed Applicant during this period, the applicant will be contacted by the Division with an offer of employment, subject to appropriate documentation being received (Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Search, etc.).
Applications can be completed electronically, printed off our website, or applications can also be completed in person with all required documentation at the following location:
Human Resources Office
The Winnipeg School Division
1577 Wall St. East
Winnipeg, MB R3E 2S5

Hiring Policies

1. General
The Winnipeg School Division believes that every person has the right of equality of opportunity based upon bona fide qualifications, in respect of employment, employment advancement, or promotion.
2. Non discrimination
The Division shall not refuse to employ, to continue to employ, or to train any person for employment, to advance or promote that person, and shall not discriminate against that person in respect of employment, or any term or condition of employment because of race, nationality, religion, colour, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs or family status of that person.
Employment Equity
The Winnipeg School Division recognizes that employment equity is a desirable and fundamental goal in our society. The Division is also committed to the removal of employment barriers, the identification and removal of discriminatory practices and striving towards a fair representation of women, Aboriginal peoples, disabled persons and minorities at all levels within the Division.
The Division also recognizes the importance of not only teaching students about equality, but demonstrating to students and staff the Division's commitment to equality.
1.1. The Winnipeg School Division shall strive toward a workforce composition which reflects the composition of women and men, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and persons from ethno-cultural groups living within the boundaries of The Winnipeg School Division.
1.2 The Winnipeg School Division accepts that to achieve equality in the workplace so that no person shall be denied employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability, employment equity means more than treating persons in the same way and may require measures to accommodate differences.
1.3 The Winnipeg School Division expects all decisions regarding employment to be based upon bona fide requirements and qualifications.