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French and Languages

The Winnipeg School Division offers a variety of courses and programs for the learning of languages other than English. The following language programs are offered:
  • Basic French (9 Year Program: Grade 4 to Grade 12)
  • Basic French (Exposure : Kindergarten to grade 3)
  • French Immersion (Milieu and Dual track)
  • Hebrew Bilingual
  • Ukrainian Bilingual
  • Spanish credit courses
  • Heritage Languages

Basic French (9 Year)
The Basic French program develops French communication skills through student participation in theme based projects and activities. The themes, which are based on real life situations, integrate the study of French language and culture and emphasize strategies for learning and communicating. The program starts at the Grade 4 level.

Basic French (Exposure)
Some division schools offer an introductory French program for children in kindergarten to Grade 3. Students are introduced to French language and culture as they learn nursery rhymes, songs and games in French.

French Immersion
The French Immersion program provides instruction in most subject areas in French and is designed for children whose first language is not French. The program offers students a chance to become functionally bilingual. Students graduating from this program will have employment opportunities in either English or French or they may pursue post-secondary education in either language.

The French Immersion program starts in kindergarten or Grade 1 and Grade 7 (depending on enrolment).

In a dual track setting French immersion is one of the programs in the school. School activities are conducted in English and French. Up to 75 per cent of the elementary program is offered in French. A minimum of 60 per cent of the Grade 7 and 8 programs are in French and a minimum of 50 per cent of Senior 1 to 4 credits are in French.
In a milieu setting, the French immersion program is the only program in the school and 75 per cent of it is in French. The school strives for a total French environment, which means school-wide activities and announcements are conducted in French.

English -Hebrew Bilingual Program
The goal of the English-Hebrew Bilingual Program is to offer the student an opportunity to become proficient in the Hebrew language in its spoken and written forms, acquire a knowledge and appreciation of the Hebrew culture and heritage and complete the regular elementary school program based on the Manitoba Education and training approved course of study. The teaching day is divided equally between Hebrew and English. The program, which is offered at Brock Corydon School, is open to everyone. Children may begin the program in Kindergarten or Grade 1. Grades 4-6 students also take Basic French program.

English - Ukrainian Bilingual Program
The Ukrainian Bilingual Program consists of teaching days divided equally between Ukrainian and English. It provides the children with an academic, linguistic and cultural experience using a program of studies that is approved and monitored by the Department of Education. The program, which is offered at Ralph Brown School, is open to everyone whether or not they speak Ukrainian or come from a Ukrainian background. Children may begin the program in Kindergarten or Grade 1. Grades 4-6 students take Basic French as one of the Core subjects

For further information please contact Pauline Charriere- French and Languages Consultant may be contacted @ pcharriere@wsd1.org

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