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Preschool & Early Years School

Supporting young children's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and learning is a complex, and exciting journey. Adults who teach young children have an opportunity to design the environment for children to explore, wonder, investigate, discover and construct their own thinking.

The early years when children are developing at a rapid rate, are the optimum time for teachers to provide experiences that will build a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Every Child

  • Is a unique learner;
  • Is a social being who learns through the development of relationships with peers and adults;
  • Is entitled to learning environments that support optimal development of the whole child;
  • Is entitled to opportunities to learn through active exploration;
  • Learns through child-initiated, child-directed, teacher supported play.

Early School Years Program
The Early School Years Program is offered in six Inner City schools (Fort Rouge, Mulvey, William Whyte, Pinkham, Dufferin, and Niji Mahkwa), to provide an enriched educational environment for children in nursery and kindergarten. The primary focus is on language development and supporting parents in their involvement in the educational process of their children.

Penny Morka 
Early Years Consultant
c/o Sir William Osler, 
1600 Grant Avenue
Phone: (204) 953-1210
VOIP: 183-309


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