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Newcomer Services

Strengthening Schools and Families

Winnipeg School Division not only recognizes the challenges our newcomer students and families may experience in attending school in a new country, but also the challenges our staff may experience in meeting the needs of our newcomer population. Over the past 30 years, our division has provided additional supports to assist students with integration and families with settlement. Our Newcomer Service team consists of a Newcomer Service Coordinator, Intercultural Support Workers, and an EAL Consultant who proactively and collaboratively foster partnerships with government and community stakeholders, settlement sector organizations and schools to ensure student academic success.

For more information regarding EAL​ (English as an Additional Language) programs, please contact your child’s school.

What the Intercultural Support Workers can do for STUDENTS:

  • Assist with registration at the school
  • Advocate on student’s behalf to the school
  • Provide orientation to new school in student’s own language
  • Provide referral to in-school supports: counselling, resource, tutoring, etc.
  • Facilitate group discussions with students on common concerns
  • Provide support for academic and/or family concerns
  • Assist in conflict resolution
  • Provide students with career information

What the Intercultural Support Workers can do for PARENTS:

  • Assist with registration at the school
  • Advocate on their behalf to the school
  • Understand their concerns and cultural perspectives
  • Visit parents in their home and provide service in home language
  • Help them to understand their child’s progress and the school system
  • Organize presentations for parent groups
  • Provide referrals to school and community resources

What the Intercultural Support Workers can do for your SCHOOL:

  • Assist with registration at the school
  • Advocate on school’s behalf to parents
  • Assist with assessments, parent-teacher conferences
  • Assist with counselling and mediation (interpreter services)
  • Assist in providing cultural presentations for parents, students, staff
  • Support “at-risk” students
  • Recruit parent volunteers
  • Make home visits
  • Recruit tutors for students

Possible topics for presentation to parents and staff:

  • Settlement and Community Resources
  • Parenting in Canada
  • Parental Involvement in Education
  • The Canadian School System
  • Intercultural Values and Beliefs
  • Cultural Awareness/Competency

Newcomer Services Coordinator​​​

Sue Hoang
Hugh John Macdonald  204-786-5631

Intercultural Support Workers

Chandra Gautam
Hugh John Macdonald (M,W,F)  204-786-5631
Gordon Bell (Tu,Th)
Hindi, Nepali, Urdu

Htoo Paw
Gordon Bell  204-774-5401
Burmese, Karen

Joseph Fofanah
Grant Park (AM)  204-452-3112 
Daniel McIntyre (PM)
Creole, Gbandi

Lucy Carrasco
Tec Voc (M,W,F)  204-786-1401
Grant Park (Tu,Th)

Malou Josue
Tyndall Park (M,W,F)  204-633-0065 
Stanley Knowles (Tu,Th)

Muhammad Sani
Sister MacNamara  204-942-6965
Arabic, Hausa, Malay

Nadia Ourrhi
Victoria Albert  204-943-3459
Arabic, French

Odik Opap
Gordon Bell  204-774-5401
Arabic, Dha-Anywaa

Perla Javate
Daniel McIntyre (M,W,F)  204-783-7131 
General Wolfe (Tu, Th)

Rose Kimani
Elmwood (M,W,F)  204-667-8823
St. John’s (Tu,Th)
Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya, Swahili

Samiya Ahmed
Sister MacNamara (M,W,F)  204-943-3459 
Victoria Albert (Tu,Th) 
Hindi, Somali, Urdu

Sandy Deng
General Wolfe (M,W,F)  204-786-7427 
Hugh John Macdonald (T,Th)
Arabic, Dinka

Yalem Beyene
St. John’s (M,W,F)  204-589-4374 
Elmwood (Tu,Th)
Amharic, Tigrinya


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