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The Referral Process

How can my child get the needed school supports?

Additional support may be provided for students in their home school based on identified needs. For needs that may exceed the capacity of the home school there are Inclusion Support Services low enrollment classrooms that provide a learning environment based on specific criteria.

The need for additional support is based on the judgment of the teachers, parents and others familiar with the student's abilities, achievements, and learning needs; previous school records and informal and formal assessment results.

The referral process to Inclusion Support Services emphasizes a collaborative process by the school personnel, the parents, Clinical Support Services and/or community agencies. Different processes are followed for preschool and school-aged children.

To be considered for an Inclusion Support Services program the school team, including the parent, must agree that the student meets several of the following criteria:

  • The student requires a specialized program which is only available on a division-wide basis;
  • The student needs intensive, multiple resources;
  • The student requires an unusually high amount of structure and individual supervision;
  • A large group setting, even when geared for multi-level instruction, impedes achievement of the goals in the student’s individual education plan;
  • The school’s efforts to program for the student in a mainstream setting have not been successful;
  • The student demonstrates the need for frequent adult feedback and frequent reinforcement;
  • The student requires a learning environment with reduced stimulation.
For students currently in school, following a period of schooling and Clinical Support Services intervention, a need for additional support may be identified by the school team (teacher, resource teacher, principal, clinician, parent and/or community agency personnel). Parental approval must be obtained. Referral for additional support would follow.

Preschool Children 
For preschool children, residing in the Winnipeg School Division referrals can be made by parents or community agencies through the Early Childhood Transition Network. Questions should be directed to Inclusion Support Services by calling Ph.: 204 774-4525.

What if my child does not meet criteria? – please see Appeal Process


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