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Internet Safety

Using the Internet opens a universe of possibilities and discoveries for students. Recognizing what a valuable tool the Internet is, the Winnipeg School Division has put together some resources to help parents and teachers in ensuring students have a safe and successful experience using the Internet.​


Be WWW Safe - an extensive wealth of resources on our Central District IT web site. Educators will find references by grade level to our Divisional "Kids in the Know" initiative.

Child Find Manitoba's "Kids in the Know"

Cyberbullying Videos from NetSmartz - real-life stories and resources for middle and high school students

Cybertip.ca - handles tips from individuals reporting the online sexual exploitation of children

Cyberproofing 101 - a wealth of "Internet Safety & Awareness" information and links that Rod Oickle, of Ottawa, has assembled

CyberSmart! and its Be CyberSmart! K-8 Curriculum -empowers students and educators to use the Internet efficiently, responsibly and securely

Dangers children face online -Dateline MSNBC video (Sept. 25, 2004) A Dateline hidden camera investigation turns the spotlight on Internet predators.

DatelineNetCrime./To catch_a predator - Chris Hansen's (MSNBC) on-going investigation of on-line predators

Dr. Sharon Cooper Videos - Adults can learn how to protect children from on-line victimization

How to Keep Safe in Chat Rooms -contents my be blocked on school computers in our Division but site is otherwise available

Internet Safety - A Government of Canada site which includes Cyber Security, Hacking, Internet Security for Kids, On-Line Transactions, Spamming and Viruses

Internet Safety - Protecting our children in CHAT mode - provides safety tips for parents including how to configure MSN Messenger to provide a history of all on-line dialogue.

Media Awareness Network - In addition to a wealth of media and Internet resources for teachers and parents, this site has contains the " Young Canadians in a Wired World " research study. This project tracks and investigates the behaviours, attitudes, and opinions of Canadian children and youth (ages 11 - 17) with respect to their use of the Internet.

NetSmartz -provides a wealth of resources to teach safe and appropriate Internet behavior

Parenting Online - an eight page resource to help parents protect their children in cyberspace

"Safe and Appropriate Use of The Internet" -Greenway School

"Safety On The Internet" -preventing Identity Theft

Using computers and the internet - resources to help parents and children use the Internet wisely

STOP Cyberbullying - a program of Parry Aftab and the Wired Safety Group

Winnipeg Police Service Internet Safety - identifies Internet risks and strategies for protecting children

WiredSafety - is the world's largest online safety and help group

WWW.Cyberbullying.ca - Canada's Bill Belsey's web resource 


12 safety tips on blogging for parents and kids - includes a quick blogging primer for parents and basic guidelines for bloggers

About Kid's Blogs and Online Journals and Online Diaries - Are blogs right for your child?

Are You Web Aware? - Blogs - shares blog information, guidelines and a review worksheet

Blog Beware - provides information and an on-line quiz to help keep children and teens safe when using social networking sites

Blogs Bulletin Boards & Bullying Video - Dr. Sharon Cooper encourages adults to talk to children about the dangers of posting personal information online.

Childnet's Blog Safety -provides information about blogging and social networking for children, parents and educators including a "Blog Safety" booklet

Kids, blogs and too much information - MSNBC article and video that states that 50% of all blogs are created by teenagers


"8 1/2 x 11" Divisional brochure, which is shared in PDF format, recommends the following web sites: 
GetNetWise - OnLine Safety Resources 
Safe Passage: Teaching Kids to be Safe and Responsible Online 
Wired Kids - Online Safety for Kids and Teens 
DatelineNetCrime - To catch a predator 
Winnipeg Police Service Internet Safety 
Child Find Manitoba's Cybertip.ca 
FBI Library: A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety 
Family Contract for Online Safety 
Teen Safety on the Information Highway 
Safer Use of Services on the Internet 
Disney Characters Teach Internet Safety 
STOP Cyberbullying 
ChildNet's Blog Safety 
How Instant Messaging Works

Cybersafety for Kids Online: A Parents' Guide


This section includes online interactive opportunities as well as software which can be downloaded as a further resource on Internet Safety.

CyberNetiquette Comix 
Three entertaining interactive stories with Disney characters will provide a tool for educators and parents to discuss these fables with their younger children to learn valuable lessons about online safety.

CyberSense and Nonsense: The Second Adventure of the Three CyberPigs 
In this sequel to Privacy Playground, for ages 9-12, the three CyberPigs take part in an on-line chat room and learn important lessons about authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette. This resource, with Teacher's Guide , can be downloaded in either Macintosh or Windows format.

"Internet Safety Presentation" - on-line tutorial helping your family get the most out of Internet safely

Jo Cool or Jo Fool 
This interactive online module takes students in Grades 6-8 through a CyberTour of twelve mock web sites to test their savvy surfing skills. In addition to the Teacher's Guide , it includes a 20-question online quiz that provides additional food for thought.

Online and Offline Activities - grade appropriate (K-12) resources to help teach children what to look out for online

PBS - Get your "Rules of the Road" web license

Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three Little CyberPigs 
This downloadable resource (in Macintosh and Windows formats) is accompanied by aTeacher's Guide to help children, ages 7-9, "spot and avoid online marketing ploys, as well as threats to their personal safety".

Surf Swell Island 
"The Surf Swell Island site is a quiz-driven adventure game. Internet safety material is presented in a series of three games, each featuring a classic Disney character and focusing on an area of concern: privacy, viruses, or netiquette (guidelines for behavior on the Internet)."

The Missing Kit 
The Missing kit, developed by LiveWires Design Ltd, teaches children how to surf the Internet safely. It includes a CD-ROM game for children, a parent/teacher guide, a video and a poster. This web site has information on Internet safety issues for parents, teachers and librarians. 


Although these slide presentations may not be quite 
up-to-date, the information contained within them 
will still be quite informative.

"Child Safety on the Internet" Child Find Manitoba

DotSafe's "Internet Safety" - (for parents)

DotSafe's "Internet Safety" (for teachers)

DotSafe's "Internet Safety For Teachers" (Word format)

"Parent's Guide to Child Safety on the Internet" Brian Metcalfe

"Safety on the Information Highway" - Joyce Wong


"A Computer virus ate my homework"

Internet Safety Tips for Elementary School Students

Internet Safety Pledge for Grades K-2

Internet Safety Pledge for Grades 3-6

Internet Safety Pledge for Middle & High School

LiveWires Design Posters: #1 ,#2 ,#3 ,#4 , and #5

"On the Internet, nobody knows your a dog."

Top Ten Cyber Security Tips (for Teens, Their Teachers and Families)

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