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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. 

General How-To's

What to do I do if I have a problem at my child's school?

Problems can arise but can be solved by open discussion. Our schools are a community and everyone is part of making it a safe and welcoming environment.

If you have a problem:

  • First talk to the Teacher.
  • If you can't resolve the issue – talk to the Principal.
  • If the issue is still not settled – talk to the Director for your child's school. The Directors are part of the Superintendents' Office and may involve other members of the Superintendents' team in the discussion.

  • If these steps don't help you resolve the issue – then you should contact the Board and Community Liaison Officer who will work with you and the Board of Trustees to find a solution.

We all have the same goal in Winnipeg School Division – to see your child succeed. Let's work together!

I am looking for a school for my child. How can I find information about the various programs schools provide?

  • You can look at a list of Winnipeg School Division (WSD) offerings in the Education Services ​section of this website or check out the various school websites. You are also very welcome to call school principals to ask for a meeting and school tour.

How do I register my child for school in WSD?

  • Parents must register in person at your child's designated school. To check where your child will be attending school, look at the list of schools in your catchment area using the find a school app. At the time of registration, you are required to provide the following documents:

    • Manitoba Medical card listing the child and parent(s) name or other medical card listing the child and parent(s) name from another province.
    • A copy of your property tax bill or rental/ lease agreement or an accepted "offer to purchase" document with the possession date shown.
    • Your child's birth certificate, baptismal certificate, certificate of live birth, statutory declaration, Canadian Passport or Treaty Card.
    • Legal guardians are required to provide a Court of Queen's Bench document signed by a judge.
    • Non-citizens are required to provide one of the following:
      • Landed Immigrant (permanent residence) documents
      • Work Visa
      • Study Visa
      • Refugee Status

    Note: if you have none of the above but have made application for permanent residency, you are considered a visitor and therefore must pay and have health medical coverage.

We live within WSD boundaries. Do my children need to go to the school within the catchment area where we live?

  • Provided that there is space available and that there is no additional cost to WSD, your children may attend a school of choice within the division.

I do not live within the boundaries of WSD. Can my child attend a school in Winnipeg School Division?

  •  A non-resident student may be admitted to a school of choice: provided there is space available in the class or school; the student does not require an individual educational plan or additional support services which would incur costs to WSD; and the student is not seeking to register in a program of studies for which the home school division is obligated to pay under the Public Schools Act (e.g., vocational programs).

The priority for accepting students is as follows:

  1. Resident students from within the local catchment area;
  2. Resident students aged 4 to 20 from other school catchment areas;
  3. Resident students aged 21 years and over;
  4. Non-resident students aged 5 to 20 years;
  5. Non-resident students aged 21 years and over (fees applicable).

Non-resident students must register before September 30.

Can my child attend the WSD free nursery program?

  • The Nursery Program is free for children who reside with their parent(s) within the Winnipeg School Division catchment area. Children must turn four years old by the end of December in order to be enrolled in the fall.

  • Non-resident students are accepted into the program, but a non-resident fee is assessed.

What schools in WSD offer full day kindergarten?

  • Full day kindergarten is offered at the following WSD schools:

    Harrow, Fort Rouge, Earl Grey, Mulvey, Shaughnessy Park, John M. King, Norquay, Strathcona, Wellington, William Whyte and Lord Selkirk

How can I find out when my child’s school will have inservices?

  • WSD schools have eight common inservice days throughout the year. These eight days are the same for every school in WSD and can be found on the calendar on the home page of this website as well as the calendar of each school.

  • In addition, the schools have two more inservice days during the year that they can schedule at any time and are communicated to parents/guardians by the school in their newsletter, on their website or in a notice sent home to parents.

Will my child have to go outside for recess when it is very cold outside?

  • Students stay indoors for recess when the wind chill reaches -28 degrees Celsius.

How do I know if school buses have been cancelled on mornings when the wind chill is very high?

  • School bus transportation for all school divisions in the City of Winnipeg is cancelled when the wind chill reaches -45° C by 6:15 a.m. based on the Environment Canada readings at The Forks, Winnipeg (click here​ for latest readings at The Forks).  When bus transportation is cancelled in the morning, it will not resume later in the day even if weather conditions improve.

  • The following media outlets are contacted in the early morning to ask that they broadcast and/or post bus cancellation information:
    89.3 CBC; 990 CBC; CKSB 89.9 (French); CJOB-680 ; Power 97; TSN 1290; 99.9 BOB; 94.3 The Drive; 92 CITI; 102.3 KISS; Virgin Radio 103; QX 104; CTV News; City TV; CBC website, Winnipeg Free Press website, Metro News website, Winnipeg Sun website.   

Who runs the school lunch programs?

  • Parent and community groups run supervised lunch programs. For more information, please call your child’s school.

When is spring break?

  •  Spring break always starts on the last Monday in March.


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