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New for 2015-16

Full-day Kindergarten Pilot Program


The WSD Board of Trustees has allocated regular budget funding for the continuation and expansion of the Full-day Kindergarten Pilot Program for the 2015/16 school year. The Board has approved funding for full day kindergarten at five additional schools, locations to be determined, for a total of nine schools.

STEAM Enrichment Centre supplies and transportation


STEAM Enrichment Centre classrooms invite students from across WSD to participate in an inquiry based program focusing on excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education. Each STEAM Enrichment Centre is staffed with a Lead Consultant/Support Teacher along with Winnipeg School Division Consultants & Support Teachers from the Program Support Team.

The Enrichment and Innovation (E&I) program instructor professional development training


The E&I program develops science, technology, engineering and mathematics programming in elementary, middle, and high schools and also provides professional development training for instructors. The E&I program objective is to provide resources and targeted instruction to students who enter the sciences and engineering fields. It works to offer career opportunities to students through developing an interactive program that is based on real-world, business, and research situations.



Sistema is a music partnership between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Winnipeg School Division. The program will expand to junior high school and eventually high school. The WSD Board of Trustees has approved one teaching position for the elementary program (Inner City district) and one teaching position for the junior high program (North district). 

Universal playground access building fund


The WSD Board of Trustees has introduced replenishing building fund to support installation of universal playground access projects throughout the division. These projects ensure all students, regardless of physical mobility, are able to enter WSD playgrounds.

Education Assistants for EBD students


Historically, students funded by the Province in the EBD (Emotionally Behaviour Disordered) category who are integrated in regular classrooms were allocated 2.5 hours per day of educational assistant support time. All other students provincially funded in other categories (such as autism, deaf/hard of hearing, etc.) have been allocated 3.0 hours per day of educational assistant time. The WSD Board of Trustees has approved $175,900 in the 2015/16 budget to provide all level two funded students in regular classrooms with 3.0 hours per day of educational assistant support time.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Junior High Program


The WSD Board of Trustees has approved additional supports in a specialized low enrolment setting for students with a diagnosis of autism. For the eight students identified, this requires one teacher, two educational assistants and .17 clinician support, as well as facility modifications.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) High School Program


Students who are currently enrolled in the new Grade 7/8 FASD program at St. John’s High School will benefit from the Board’s approval for transition to a Grade 9/10 program. For the eight students enrolled, this requires one teacher, two educational assistants and .17 clinician support, as well as facility modifications.

Anxiety Program


Due to the increase in the number of students displaying mental health concerns, specifically anxiety, as evidenced by the number of referrals for tutoring supported by medical documentation, the WSD Board of Trustees has approved establishment of an anxiety program at the Junior/Senior High level. The program will include a teacher, an educational assistant, 0.5 clinician support and supplies.

Aboriginal Elder position


As part of the Divisional Aboriginal Education team, the WSD Board of Trustees has approved hiring a full time Aboriginal Elder who will play an important role in connecting the school and the community. The Elder will be responsible for helping breakdown the stigma and systemic barriers and providing support and guidance on culturally appropriate services and programs.

Parent / Community Liaison position


The Parent/Community Liaison will support outreach and collaboration with parents, community and community organizations, assist in resolving matters of concern to parents, work with school staff and examine the development of schools as centres of the community.

Four Youth Transition teachers


Youth transition teachers support children coming out of the youth justice system to transition successfully back into school. These positions will support St. John’s, R.B. Russell, Gordon Bell and Daniel MacIntyre High Schools.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Expansion – Three-year planning initiative


Middle Years IB is an initiative of the International Schools Association aspiring to meet the needs of middle level learners in international schools through the development of a flexible curriculum that promotes the fundamental concepts of intercultural understanding, communication and holistic learning.

French Immersion Recruitment


The WSD Board of Trustees has approved a French Immersion Recruitment program to hire an additional ten permanent French Immersion Teachers to fill daily and temporary assignments/vacancies. The net cost is $250,000 when current substitute and term costs are taken into consideration.

Information Systems position


To address the expanding utilization of instructional and administrative technology systems in WSD including web development and services, wireless networking, software applications and device security, the WSD Board of Trustees has approved one additional systems support position be included in the budget.

Program and Policy Analyst


The Program and Policy Analyst will assist in the evaluation of programs in the WSD and related development of policies.


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