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Professional Learning & Leadership Centre

Providing ongoing learning for teachers in Winnipeg School Division​ 

Permanent employees are supported with a two-year induction program. Teachers are partnered with experienced WSD educators who are also supported by PLLC as they mentor their counterparts.

PLLC will always evolve and adapt to fit the dynamic realities of urban education. Based on research into effective professional development and transformational education, the five foundational principles below underpin the work of the centre.  


Learning Partnerships

The most lasting and most transformational learning that teachers gain comes from their work with students and other teachers. The Professional Learning and Leadership Centre creates intentional learning partnerships. Each partnership uses collaborative inquiry and reflection to guide each other’s practice. Some of the factors considered in forming the partnerships include:

  • Teacher needs, interests and expertise
  • Grade levels being taught
  • Cluster schools
  • Sending and receiving schools
  • Teacher leadership and service to the profession

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning is a term that describes a whole host of teaching and learning strategies which share the common goal of engaging students in learning that is important, lasting and ongoing. The Professional Learning and Leadership Centre provides learning opportunities to share and promote assessment for learning practices.


Job-Embedded Learning

The Professional Learning and Leadership Centre advances a model of professional development that is rooted in, nourished by, and responsible to the classroom context. Release time is offered for teachers to investigate student learning in classroom, school, and community contexts.

Community Engagement

Effective schools see themselves as essential to the development of their local community. In order to help schools realize this vision, the Professional Learning and Leadership Centre organizes and offers learning opportunities on aboriginal education, community engagement, poverty reduction, equity and social justice.


Action Research

Effective teachers reflect on their practice and make purposeful changes based on evidence they receive from many sources. The Professional Learning and Leadership Centre provides experience with action research techniques in order to support critical reflection and change.

For more information about PLLC contact: pllc@wsd1.org​ 


The Professional Learning and Leadership Centre (PLLC) is a concept, a location, and a group of people engaged in learning and collaboration.
The Centre provides an induction experience that promotes effective teaching, student learning, and leadership development.
It creates networks that explore school improvement and enhanced student learning.
The ultimate goal of the PLLC is to provide multiple pathways for learning that inspire educators to become engaged agents of transformation for students, schools, and communities.

Teacher Induction and Mentorship

Induction into a career in teaching in WSD involves:

  • Recruitment and hiring of Early Service Teachers (EST)
  • Orientation to the workplace
  • Mentorship opportunities (both formal and informal) which
  • involve orientation to the profession
    • beyond the practicum or term teaching experience
    • may be individual or group (community of practice)
  • Opportunities for Advanced Skills Teachers (AST) or mentors to
  • engage and learn with early service colleagues

Benefits for Educators

  • Intentional learning partnerships and communities of experienced and new educators within WSD for two-year timeframe
  • Training in action research that supports critical reflection and next steps
  • Release time for teachers to investigate student learning in classroom, school, and community contexts
  • Learning opportunities that support Indigenous education, community engagement, and social justice
  • Sharing feedback to inform instruction and assessment
  • Networking, professional learning opportunities, and resources

Program Components

  • Job-Embedded Learning
  • Job-Embedded Learning involves:
  • cycles of practitioner inquiry based on investigation of student experience
  • collaborative planning and co-teaching
  • classroom observations and debriefing

Key to Teacher Success

  • Support from school leaders
  • Engaging in reflecting, planning, and problem-solving conversations
  • Implementing interventions in their own context
  • Receiving feedback and making adjustments
  • Opportunity to network and receive peer support
  • Intentional mentor training
  • Learning over time through a multi-year program


Contact PLLC

Machray School 

Room 122 and 123
320 Mountain Ave.
Winnipeg, MB  R2W 1K1
Phone: 204-589-5439
Fax: 204-586-8222
Email: pllc@wsd1.org

Kathy Collis
Program Director

Gail Ruta Fontaine
PLLC Support Teacher

Crystal Millar-Courchene
PLLC Support Teacher

Courtney Brown
Administrative Assistant

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