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WSD 150 Celebration Tree Project

October 29, 2021 Division Activity, News Story, School Activity
WSD 150 Tree Planting WEB

Winnipeg School Division celebrates 150 years this week. 

In the fall of 2020, a WSD 150 committee embarked on writing several grants and proposals to obtain funds to plant trees at various schools. The purpose was to mark the occasion of growth, WSD has accomplished over 150 years of serving the community.

Trees are typically symbolic of having deep roots, a strong trunk and are known to be adaptable to their environment, along with this they often have canopies that provide shelter and protection to many animals. Winnipeg School Division has provided this same attribute to the many children it has served throughout the 150 years of its existence. It has deep cultural roots with a strong understanding of the past to ensure that students are prepared for the future. It has weathered many storms including the current pandemic and WSD continues to provide a safe harbour for many students.

After many months of searching for funds to support the project, WSD was fortunate to secure a sponsor from the Dobbin Family for the trees. With their support and the support of the WSD Building Department, 25 trees of various species (Elm, Paper Birch, and Lilacs, just to name a few) were planted at 16 schools including the board office.

Many schools assigned a classroom to be the caregiver of the tree and they will continue to have the opportunity to watch their tree grow and educators will have plenty of opportunities to incorporate curricular outcomes for years to come.

The tree project will continue in the spring with the goal of planting an additional 125 trees with the goal of reaching a total of 150 trees.

For the remaining trees, WSD has partnered with Million Tree Project organized by Science Rendezvous and University of Manitoba.

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