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Art at The Forks

WSD students gathered at the KidsFest Winnipeg site at The Forks over two days for the 2018 Inner City Arts Festival.

The June 5-6 event saw students building shadow puppets, creating papier-mâché chibi dolls, stuffed animals and more. At the end of each day, students held a gallery walk on The Forks lawn to showcase their work.

Thanks to all of the art teachers, volunteers and other educators made this unforgettable festival of imagination possible.

Here is just a small glimpse of the many student artists and their creations from the festival.

Inner City Art 2018 002.jpg

Inner city Arts 2018 005.jpg

Inner City Arts Conference 2018 004.jpg

Inner city Arts 2018 006.jpg

Inner City Art 2018 001.jpg

Inner City Arts 2018 009.jpg


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