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Grant Park gets moving

Grant Park High School is motivating students and staff to work out this winter.

Chloe Capan, a Grade 12 student at Grant Park, is collaborating with school staff to offer live virtual workouts after school from 4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Grant Park started broadcasting the live workouts to its students and staff on Dec. 1

“It’s five days a week,” Capan said. “Monday is a pyramid workout, Tuesday is Tabata Tuesday, Wednesday is yoga, Thursday is CrossFit and Friday is plyometrics.”

This isn’t the first time Capan has encouraged her fellow students to exercise. In the spring, she was a Grant Park ambassador for Run For It (https://www.winnipegsd.ca/About%20WSD/NEWS/Pages/Keep-calm-and-run-on.aspx), a school mental health program where students participate in mental health discussions and train for a long distance run.

“Run For It really helped me with routine and over the summer my aunt started this one mile challenge for 30 days, so I joined that as well,” Capan said.

“With the virtual workouts, I wanted to help motivate other students to be active a couple times a week, especially going into the dark days of winter.”

Capan brought her idea to her phys-ed teacher Bobbi Milberg, who recruited Grant Park kinesiologist Natasha Esquivel to help plan the program and workouts. They brought the idea to other Grant Park staff members, who are helping to host the virtual workout sessions. 

“There’s been about 14 to 16 students who participate almost every day,” Esquivel said.

“The students are enjoying it. They like how there is a variety of workouts. Also, we’ve been posting the workouts online after the fact, so the students who don’t get home for 4 p.m. are still able to log on and do them.”

Esquivel, who has been participating in the live virtual workouts every day, said getting moving is a great way to manage stress. 

“Working out looks different for everybody,” Esquivel said. “Whether it’s as simple as getting off the couch and going for a walk or doing a couple intense hours of exercise, I think it’s really important to let go, let your mind wander and let out all that energy that we have.”

Capan said regular exercise is her go-to mental wellness activity.

“I usually workout out five days a week and it definitely helps to calm my nerves a bit,” Capan said. “I know if I’m anxious about something, I can do a 30-minute or hour workout that kind of resets my mind. I really want other people to find that as well.”


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