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Hearts for Humboldt

WSD schools are sharing their hearts with Humboldt and the families affected by the bus accident that claimed the lives of 16 people.

Students and staff are showing support in many different ways, big and small. Many have donated to a Go Fund Me fundraising drive for the affected families, others are creating memorials and tributes in their classrooms and hallways.

Photo: These Kent Road School students performed a healing dance in honour of the Humboldt Bronco families,

On April 12, many schools took part in Jersey Day, wearing team jerseys in a show of support for the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Sargent Park School, whose team colours happen to be the same as the Broncos team, were among the participants.

The school chose to have a moment of silence and play a musical tribute during what was originally going to be a wind-up assembly for many of the school’s sports teams.

It was a student, Lance Soriaga, who suggested the tribute; he emailed Principal Luba Krosney over the weekend. Lance, like many students, followed the events in the news and wanted a way to show support.

“These innocent lives were going to play a sport they were passionate about,” Lance said.

 Teacher and basketball coach Ralph Backe said the events deeply affected coaches and players alike.

Photo: Sargent Park basketball coach Ralph Backe addresses students at assembly.

“We get on a bus every year to go up to Edmonton (for tournaments),” he said. “And I was thinking if this was us, how sad that would be. When we are honouring these people, it’s not just thinking about what happened some place far away, but how closely it could hit to home for us.”

Ms. Krosney said it was important for students to be able to take some action on their own terms.

“Our staff knew to listen to the students first and take their lead. When the initiative comes from the students, it makes it more powerful for them,” Ms. Krosney said. “It’s important being able to recognize what has happened together as a school community…we’ve been able to support each other.”

WSD has sent staff information on how to discuss events like the Humboldt tragedy with students; school guidance counsellors are also available for students who may need support.

“For the students, I think talking about it a safe space, like their classroom, is important,” Ms. Krosney said.

Photo: Sargent Park students stand beside a small heart memorial outside their classroom.

Photo: Kent Road School staff were jerseys in honour of the Broncos.

A Sargent Park student stands near a door display featuring hearts decorated in honour of Humboldt victims and their families.


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