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Litter blitz

Clifton School’s safety patrols took to the banks of Omand’s Creek for a massive litter blitz.

The school recently joined staff from CAA Manitoba, CIBC and Anytime Fitness for the cleanup effort.

“There’s a lot of garbage thrown here every year, so we want to help clean it up,” said Grade 5 student John Duszak.

Photo: Clifton students pick up litter on the banks of Omand's Creek.

“We’re here to help just one of our many ecosystems,” said Grade 6 student Westley Delaney. “Patrols are basically volunteers. We can do many things around our community besides helping people cross the street.”

Along with picking up the usual paper and plastic waste, students noticed a common thread among many of the pieces of litter.

“We’ve picked up garbage from almost every fast food restaurant around here,” Westley said.

Photo: teachers marshall their students prior to the massive litter clean up.

Thanks to their mutual involvement in safety patrols and close proximity, Clifton and CAA Manitoba have become frequent partners over the years.

“Our partnership has evolved naturally,” said CAA Manitoba’s Public and Media Relations Specialist Erika Miller. “It’s just a good fit for them to join us in cleaning up our community. We all share this neighbourhood.”

The school also joins CAA Manitoba for the annual Santa Claus Parade each year.

“They’re just an enthusiastic bunch of kids and they take patrolling very seriously,” Ms. Miller said.

With CAA Manitoba located right across from the creek, employees are especially motivated to help clean up the embattled waterway, which is a magnet for litter and debris.

“Every day when you come into work, you just see the garbage,” Ms. Miller said. “Not only is it an eyesore, but it weighs down on you mentally.”

Photo: CAA Manitoba employees collecting garbage.

Photo: a lone student picks up a plastic bag.


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