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Outstanding patrols

Outstanding school safety patrol teams from across Winnipeg School Division were recognized for their accomplishments in the 2016-2017 school year.

Patrols were recognized at WSD’s annual patrol reception at Tec Voc High School on June 7, as well as the Winnipeg Police Service’s annual award ceremony later in the month.

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service’s School Education Section judge patrol teams on their ability, professionalism and technique while on duty.

Congratulations to all of our students for their service to the community in helping to keep pedestrians safe when crossing Winnipeg streets.

Here are WSD’s honoured patrol teams for 2016-2017:

PATROLS 2017 WELLINGTON.jpg Wellington School (WSD Inner City)

2nd Place: Mulvey School

3rd Place École Victoria-Albert School

Patrols 2017 Montrose.jpg Montrose School (WSD South, 3rd place citywide)

2nd Place: Harrow School

3rd Place: Rockwood School

 PATROLS 2017 GREENWAY.jpgGreenway School (WSD Central)

2nd Place: École Sacré-Couer

3rd Place: École Laura Secord School

 Patrols 2017 Meadows West.jpg

Meadows West School (WSD North)

2nd Place: Inkster School

3rd Place: Robertson School


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