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There is beauty in the world

Students at Meadows West School showcased their talents in performing and visual arts during a special community fundraising night.

There is Beauty in the World, held on June 7, was a fundraising concert in support of the Little Stars Playhouse. The organization Women Healing for Change is building the ambitious indoor/outdoor playspace to provide a safe place for children and families in the Winnipeg's North End.

As an official Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots school, Meadows West students take on youth service projects that benefit people, animals and the environment.

"We have been focusing on the rights of the child with our students," said teacher Velvet Cadre. "They wanted to look at the right to play and how that helps the individual and the community develop."

Ms. Cadre said the night was the result of a school wide collaboration of students and staff.

"This school's philosophy has always been to offer a lot of opportunities to children, whether it's sports, music, dance or anything else. Tonight we wanted to show a variety of the arts, like visual, video, dance and music. The arts bring people together…and you can have a lot of fun fundraising."

The Meadows West students performed on a bill that included headliners Renée Lamoureux and Murray Pulver, dance students from Grant Park High School and the Tec Voc High School Singers.

Ms. Cadre acknowledged the hard work of guidance counsellor Michelle Bevan and the school's Indigenous Learning Club. The event infused Indigenous learning, such as the seven traditional teachings, to reflect much of the classroom learning that has taken place this year.

At the end of the evening, the school presented an $850 cheque towards the Little Stars Playhouse project.

Here are some photos from the June 7 concert:

Meadows West Dance 2018 002.jpg

Meadows West Dance 2018 009.jpg

Meadows West Dance 2018 010.jpg

Meadows West Dance 2018 008.jpg

Meadows West Dance 2018 006.jpg


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