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WSD Budget

WSD measures and reviews programming and services, throughout the year, to ensure fiscal responsibility in managing tax dollars. As a resident, parent or employee of the division, your opinion matters! Now is the time to talk to WSD Board of Trustees as they begin planning for the 2018/2019 school year budget.

November 30 Public Meeting budget consultation power point presentation

Budget Survey

Budget Simulation ToolProperty Tax Calculator

Winnipeg School Division has a strategic plan for 2016 to 2020 — it’s a road map that provides direction at a high level for trustees, administration and staff in developing plans and actions that align with WSD’s vision to be engaged, confident, inspired and successful learners.

WSD was established in 1871 and currently has 78 schools, 33,000 students and 6,000 employees. Its purpose is to provide a learning environment that fosters the growth of each student’s potential and provide equitable opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values necessary for meaningful participation in a global and diverse society.

Today’s learners - tomorrow’s leaders


Winnipeg School Division provides a robust and comprehensive education, equitable access, diverse opportunity, and a supportive learning environment for all students. WSD’s priority is to help them prepare for their journey with values of learning and social justice, and to be responsible for community members.

  • Numeracy and Literacy Programs
  • Bilingual Language Programs
  • Inner City Science Program
  • Biomedical Youth Program
  • Young Scientists Program
  • Multiculturalism
  • Engaging students in assessment and self-direction
  • Athletics and extra-curricular activities
  • Quantum Arts Program

Learning Outcomes

Our goal is to further improve school attendance, achievements, and graduation rates through the exploration of additional programs and strategies.

  • WSD Math Program
  • Graduation Coaches
  • Career Education
  • Nursery and Full Day Kindergarten
  • Student Success Initiative
  • Enhanced Literacy Programming
  • in High Needs Schools
  • Sistema
  • Aboriginal Academic Achievement

Addressing Barriers to Learning

We are further developing initiatives and innovative approaches to address special needs and accessibility requirements, mental health issues, childcare needs and nutritional needs.

  • Early Years Transition Program
  • Anxiety Management Program
  • Off-campus and Alternative High School
  • Flexible Learning Programs
  • Nutrition (Breakfast) Program
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Clinical supports
  • Safe schools initiatives

Practicing sustainable development

WSD is strengthening and enhancing sustainable development initiatives that address environmental, social and economic issues.

  • Education for Sustainable Development curriculum
  • Everybody has the Right Program
  • Roots for Shoots Program
  • Supporting green initiatives in new construction and renovations
  • UNESCO Schools
  • Environmentally-friendly playgrounds
  • Reducing global footprint through waste reduction, energy management and LEED implementation
  • Community partnerships for tree-banding, community beautification

Employing qualified, caring and competent staff

WSD is committed to retaining, attracting and developing our valued staff who are dedicated to the vision, purpose, values and Principles of Learning of Winnipeg School Division, and who reflect community diversity.

  • Partnerships with universities and colleges to develop future staff
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Professional development
  • Leadership Capacity and Competency Training
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Healthy Minds supports

Building relationships with our community

We are continuously developing communications and partnerships with the communities we serve, parents, families, government, businesses, health and social service agencies, Indigenous education, other community organizations and our valued volunteers.

  • Volunteer Services Program
  • Parent involvement
  • Community outreach and support workers
  • Aboriginal Education and Newcomer Services
  • English as an Additional Language Services
  • Lifelong Learning Program
  • Online library services

Managing tax dollars responsibly

WSD provides responsible management of tax dollars and resources to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability and accountability of the programs, facilities and services that we provide.

  • Accountable and transparent reporting
  • Balanced budget
  • Community and staff consultation
  • Long-term capital planning
  • Prudent management of WSD pension funds
  • Advocating on behalf of students and ratepayers