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Physical Education

February 5, 2021

Grade 9: Health and Physical Education 

The aim of the program is to provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles. The vision is physically active and healthy lifestyles for all students.
Programming for physical education students will include instruction in the following five physical activity categories:
  • Team/Group Sports/Games
  • Individual/Dual Sports/Games
  • Alternative Pursuits
  • Rhythmic/Gymnastic Activities
  • Fitness Activities
Programming in health education, healthy decision-making will relate to the following strands or topics:
  • Safety of Self and Others
  • Personal Development
  • Social Development
  • Mental-Emotional Development
  • Personal Health Practices
  • Active Living
  • Nutrition
  • Substance Use and Abuse Prevention
  • Human Sexuality

Grade 10: Health and Physical Education

"The goal of physical education is to provide students with the skills and attitudes to make active living a way of life in which physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is valued in daily life." - Manitoba Curriculum 2000
Movement - the student will demonstrate competency is selected movement skills and knowledge of movement development and physical environments and cultures.
Fitness Management - the student will demonstrate the ability to develop and follow a personal fitness plan for lifelong physical activity and well-being.
Safety - the student will demonstrate safe and responsible behaviours to manage risks and prevent injuries in physical activity participation and in daily living.
Personal and Social Management - the student will demonstrate the ability to develop self-understand, to make health-enhancing decisions.

Grade 11: Physical Education



Grade 12: Physical Education 


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