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May 3, 2023

Our computer/technology programming strives to maintain a coherent correlation with the working environment found in a variety of employment placements. Evolving over the past years, and keeping up with the ever developing and innovative growth in today’s technological field has made it that we are constantly examining our approach to educating our students and determining what knowledge they best need for their future.

Areas of interest that we are currently developing and updating programming in professional areas such as business, architecture, science, the arts, film, advertising, engineering and various other areas technology plays a role in our society. In addition, we strive to form partnerships with organizations such as IBM and EDS to provide relevant and current industry training in topics such as robotics, programming and web design. As such we strive to involve our students with more advanced programs and technology.

Children of the Earth’s mandate to incorporate aboriginal perspectives, traditional teachings and culture directs much of our student’s discipline when involved with technology. Traditionally any new technology that came forth was accepted and utilized for the greater whole of our people. Technology for hunting and fishing which better provided for the tribe was adopted and utilized for the community. This principle has maintained the advancement and the unification of our First Nation peoples throughout North America. Trading and sharing technology and knowledge enabled many First Nation Communities to provide more for their peoples.

The students from Children of the Earth have shown a great deal of talent and creativity in their utilization of the technology presented. Needing only an idea of what is possible and the inspiration to invent and create, Children of the Earth students leap forward to reveal what they can do.

Computer/Technology is seen as essential to our students future growth and we make every effort to assure that they have both the opportunity and the training to go forth with confidence into their future professions.

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