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Medical Careers Exploration Program

March 6, 2017

​​The Medical Careers Exploration Program has been developed in partnership with Pan Am Clinic, Health Sciences Centre, Grace Hospital, WRHA, The Winnipeg School Division, and  the University of Manitoba - Access Program to present a 3 or 4 year high school based program with emphasis on preparation for post-secondary studies. The focus of the program is to have Indigenous high school students explore career options within the medical field. Through internships with Pan Am Clinic, Health Sciences Centre, Grace Hospital, Mount Carmel Clinic, Women's Health Center, and other clinics and sites, students are incorporated into the various roles in health care. Upon successful completion of the program, students are academically prepared to pursue further education in a medical career of their choice.


There is a full-time Educational Assistant assigned to the program to assist students with their practicum placements and on-site supervision. Each year of the program is structured as such:

Year 1 (Grade 9):    
Students that are considering MCEP have the opportunity to attend 3 Orientation Days on-site at Pan-Am Clinic to gain exposure to a variety of medical careers and departments.
Students that do not currently attend Children of the Earth can attend orientation days if they are students at Isaac Newton, Hugh John Macdonald, General Wolfe and RB Russell. 

Year 2 (Grade 10):
Students that are interested in joining MCEP fill out an application in their grade 9 school year, or submit it at the beginning of their grade 10 year.
Successful candidates form the cohort of grade 10 MCEP (a maximum of 12 student are selected).
Students take a specialized MCEP course that focuses on customer service, anatomy, and physiology.
Grade 10 practicum begins in February; students complete 5 weeks of placements at Pan Am Clinic.

Year 3 (Grade 11):
Continuing students begin practicum placements in September; placements now include Pan Am Clinic, Grace Hospital, and Health Sciences Centre.

Year 4 (Grade 12):
In their graduating year of MCEP, students attend practicum placements all year. Nine weeks of practicum will be completed at Pan Am Clinic, Grace Hospital, and Health Sciences Centre, and Red River College.
Students fill out an interest survey to identify key areas of personal interest and all efforts are made to match students with their preferred placements accordingly.

Each year, the graduating class of MCEP has been featured in a WRHA publication; WAVE Magazine. Typically, the students are published in the summer issue. 

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