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December 2, 2021



“The most incomprehensible thing about our universe is that it can be comprehended.” – Albert Einstein. 

Your understanding of science begins here at DMCI.  Our science programs will help you explore the world around you and provide you with a solid foundation for your future careers in science.  Advanced Placement (AP) classes, enriched classes, hands on labs, special projects and competitions, and partnerships with Universities and the community provide students with a wide range of opportunity to challenge themselves and make their science learning at DMCI the best experience possible.


SCIENCE 10F | SCIR1F – 1 Credit

To develop scientifically literate students, this course is built upon five foundations: skills and attitudes, reproduction, atoms and elements, nature of electricity, and exploring the universe. This course is compulsory for all students.

SCIENCE 20F | SCIR2F – 1 Credit

Science 20F is a course that is built upon five foundations for scientific literacy: skills and attitudes, dynamics of ecosystems, chemistry, forces and motion, and weather dynamics. This course is compulsory for all students.

BIOLOGY 30S | BIOR3S – 1 Credit                              

This is a biology program with a focus on the following clusters: biology skills and attitudes, wellness and homeostasis, digestion and nutrition, transportation and respiration, excretion and waste management, protection and control, and wellness and homeostatic changes. Studies will be based on the human species. Prerequisite: Science 20

BIOLOGY 40S | BIOR4S – 1 Credit                              

In this continuation of Biology 30S, greater emphasis is placed on broad topics such as: classification of living things, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, animal and plant diversity, and genetics. Prerequisite: Biology 30S

CHEMISTRY 30S | CHER3S – 1 Credit                         

Chemistry 30S is recommended for students who wish to pursue careers in the biological sciences, engineering, agriculture, aerospace and medical sciences including pharmacy. Topics include: physical properties of matter, gases and the atmosphere, chemical reactions, solutions, and organic chemistry. Prerequisite: Science 20F and Intro. to Applied & Pre-Cal Math 20S

CHEMISTRY 40S | CHER4S – 1 Credit

Chemistry 40S provides students with a more challenging aspect of chemistry topics. These include chemistry skills and attitudes, aqueous reactions, atomic structure, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry. A strong foundation in math PCMR 3S is strongly recommended. Prerequisite: Chemistry 30S and Pre-Calculus Math 30S

PHYSICS 30S | PHYR3S – 1 Credit

Physics 30S introduces students to the basic concepts of physics. Unit topics include: waves and sound, kinematics, nature of light, and fields. Emphasis is on linear relationships at this level. This course is recommended for students considering careers in science and technology. Prerequisite: Science 20F and Intro. to Applied & Pre-Cal Math 20S

PHYSICS 40S | PHYR4S – 1 Credit

Physics 40S deals with the following topics: kinematics, dynamics, momentum, projectile motion, circular motion, work and energy, exploration of space, low Earth orbit, electric and magnetic fields, electric circuits, electromagnetic induction, and medical physics. A strong foundation in Pre-Calculus 30S is strongly recommended. Prerequisite: Physics 30S & Pre-Calculus Math 30S



The grade 10 Enriched Science is intended for students who have enjoyed and achieved academic success. The course is designed to provide a more in-depth study of the units outlined in the regular grade 10 program with a greater emphasis in applying quantitative analysis. Students wishing to pursue studies at the advanced placement level should consider this course.

CHEMISTRY ENRICHED 30S & 40S | CHEE – 1 Credit Each

Enriched Chemistry courses are designed to provide motivated students with a greater challenge and to prepare them for enrollment in an Advanced Placement Chemistry. Students who successfully complete both courses will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure, the nature of chemical and physical change, as well as becoming well prepared for studies at the college level. Pre-Calculus Math 30S is strongly recommended.

BIOLOGY ENRICHED 30S & 40S | BIOE – 1 Credit Each

Biology Enriched 30S is for students who love science, have had academic success in Grade 10 science, or enriched Grade 10 science, and are ultimately considering taking Advanced Placement Biology in Grade 12.  This course deals mainly with human biology by taking an in-depth look at wellness and homeostasis. Biology Enriched 40S is the second level of preparation for those students who are considering post-secondary education or who wish to take Advanced Placement Biology in Grade 12.  This course deals with a diverse selection of topics, including molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, classification, and bioenergetics.


This course is an excellent opportunity for students to experience university-level biology in the more relaxed setting of high school. The course covers all of the topics seen in 30S and 40S biology, but in much greater depth. It also covers topics such as animal and plant diversity, ecology, and cutting edge biotechnology.  Completing the AP Biology course greatly enhances the chance of success in first year biology for most students.


This course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first college year. For some students, (who receive a 4 out of 5 on the AP exam) this course enables them to undertake, as first year students, second-year work in the chemistry sequence at the university level, or to register for courses in other fields where general chemistry is a pre-requisite. The course will take place over one and a half semesters (September to May).

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