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Graphics and Digital Film

February 4, 2021


Lights! Camera! Action! This course is an introduction to video production techniques using digital video cameras, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Each student will write, produce, direct, shoot and edit a series of short videos. Emphasis will be placed on effectively developing and telling powerful, interesting stories using a variety of professional tools and techniques.

GRAPHICS 20G | GRAR2G - 1 Credit

Learn to visually communicate ideas using professional graphics software. Skills are developed and refined in areas that include: advertising art, vector illustration, Photoshop, vinyl printing and application to t-shirts and design principles. Animated GIFs and online applications and resources will also be explored. Students interested in design as well as those planning a career in architecture, interior design, engineering, graphic arts and fine arts are encouraged to enroll in this course.

GRAPHICS 30G | GRAR3G - 1 Credit

Students will dive deeper into the integration of multiple professional tools to manipulate and improve photos, design posters and create packaging. Students will be re-introduced to the vinyl cutter and will have opportunity to design inspirational quotes that will go up on the walls of the classroom. Students will also use a 3D printer to prototype a product of their own creation. This course is a blend of digital art and hands-on experience.

GRAPHICS 40S | GRAR4S - 1 Credit

In this course students will be exposed to some of the most advanced features in Photoshop to prepare them for a career in graphic design. Students will have some experience working on the school yearbook as well as creating a high-end video using professional software. Students will also be working in teams to do school promo work, such as poster design, logo manipulation and fulfilling other school needs. This course is designed for students who are curious about a career in graphic design and want to experience a wide variety of design techniques.

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