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Musical Theatre

January 20, 2022


Director:  Jana Zens

Choreographer:  Carrie Maier
Musical Director:  Graham Dion

Every second year (alternating with a larger festival/trip in the music program), the Performing Arts Department puts on a large-scale musical production.  In past years, we have presented Grease (2006), High School Musical (2008), The Wiz (2009), Auditions, a musical revue (2010), and Footloose (2012).  Our productions have been honoured with Rainbow Stage School Performance Awards for excellence in school productions (2008 and 2009), and generally play to sold-out audiences. 

Due to the pandemic and performance restrictions, DMCI has not been able to put on a musical production as scheduled. Students are currently being offered Musical Theatre class, where they refine their skills in acting, chorus singing, solo singing, and choreography. 

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