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Room 16

December 2, 2021

Meet the Teacher!

Plan for the Year

I would like to welcome everybody back to David Livingstone Community School.  I hope that your summer was restful.  I am looking forward to the upcoming school year!


This will be based on daily classroom work, research projects, presentations, tests, exams and the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment.

Curriculum Overview:

 a) Mathematics:

  • Number Sense
  • Shape and Space
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Patterns and Relations
  • Problem Solving 

b) Science:

  • Interactions within Ecosystems
  • Forces and Structures
  • Earth’s Crust
  • Particle Theory of Matter

The Google Classroom code for Math and Science for the Room 16 students is 2c2llmm

 c) Language Arts

Mrs. Baker in room 18 will be teaching Language Arts to the students of room 16 this year. 

 The Google Classroom code for Language Arts for the Room 16 students is bafii7p

d) Social Studies:

Mrs. Baker in room 18 will be teaching Social Studies to the students of room 16 this year.  

 The Google Classroom code for Social Studies for the Room 16 students is pxou4cl        

e) Health:

  • Personal Safety
  • Drug Education
  • Bullying
  • Family Life

f) Art:

Art with Ms. Kaethler will be integrated throughout the school year within the core subject areas.

g) Physical Education

Students will have program planning done by their Physical Education teacher Mrs. Hancharyk.

h) Practical Arts (shops)

Students attend Niji Mahkwa for the entire afternoon on every Day 3 of the school cycle.  Some of the subject areas they normally learn about include: Woodworking, Graphic Arts, Electronics and Home Economics.  Educational Assistants walk the students in a group to and from Niji Mahkwa. 

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