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Room 23

February 5, 2021

Erin Adams

This year we have the following goals and activities in these subject areas:

Guided Reading
Writing Essentials
Research Skills
Spelling and Editing
Journals, printing skills, letter-sound recognition
Computer skills

Healthy living practices
Personal and social management
Maintaining a healthy body
Personal Safety and Anger Management

Social Studies
In social studies the students will learn about themselves, how they are connected to their community and what it means to be a good citizen.  They begin with learning about who they are and who and what makes up their community.  Students will learn about their rights and responsibilities as a member of their community.  Aboriginal heritage and cultural identity will be included as the theme is developed.

Number Concepts
Mental math strategies
Number Operations (addition, subtraction, etc.)
Algebraic Reasoning
Describe 3-D Objects
Mass (g, Kg)
Time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years),
Length (cm, m)
Patterns and Relations
Patterns (increasing and decreasing), and One-step Equations
Statistics and Probability
Data Analysis (interpret graphs-bar graph, tally, line, chart, list)

Characteristics and needs of living things, the senses, characteristics of objects and materials and daily and seasonal changes.

We will also be integrating technology and the arts (visual, drama and dance) into our daily program.  We will be using computers, Smartboard technology, digital cameras and many mediums to create.

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