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Students Living Within Winnipeg School Division Boundaries

March 2, 2021

Welcome to Grant Park High School!

Grant Park High School is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

Step 1: Complete an Application:

If you are new to Grant Park High School and live within Winnipeg School Division please follow the registrations instructions below.  Students within Winnipeg School Division who are applying for the first time to Grant Park High School have three options for submitting a registration.  Please choose only one of option 1-3 below. All steps must be completed.

Option 1 Use the following link to use online registration if you currently attend a WSD school:


                 ON LINE COURSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2021-22 Grade 7.pdf

                 Registration for Grade 7 In Pictures.pdf


                 ON LINE COURSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2021-22 Grade 9.pdf

                 ON LINE COURSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2021-22 Grade 10.pdf

                  ON LINE COURSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2021-22 Grade 11.pdf

                  ON LINE COURSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2021-22Grade 12.pdf

Option 2 Use the general Grant Park High School application below if the student does not have a WSD user name and password:

                Student Application for Registration - Blank PDF (1).pdf

Option 3  Pick up a paper application form at the front doors of our school, Monday to Friday between 9:30am - 11:30am or from 1:30pm - 4:00pm only if you do not have access to a computer to apply digitally.

Please call our school office at 204-452-3112 for more information or if you are unable to print, sign and email the application to us. If you would like to submit your application in person, you must make an appointment due to Covid safety protocols.

Step 2: Choose your Course Selection Page Appropriate To Grade:

                Grade 7 Course Selection.pdf

                Grade 8 Course Selection.pdf

                Grade 9 Course Selection.pdf

                Grade 10 Course Selection.pdf

                Grade 11 Course Selection.pdf

                Grade 12 Course Selection.pdf

Step 3: Submit additional Information:

Please note that registrations are not considered complete until they have been printed, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to our general office, or emailed to along with all additional information requested.

Additional information required to be scanned along with your application to our email:

  • Birth Certificate or Treaty Card
  • Proof of Residency - Property Tax Bill or Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Manitoba Medical Card
  • Report Card (most current) or Transcript (currently in Grades 10-12)

If you  are emailing your application and documents, kindly attach all documents to one email and indicate the grade requested for acceptance.

Step 4: Only for application to Flex or Advanced Programs in Grades 7 and 8:

If you are applying for Flex or Advanced Programs, please complete the below paperwork along with the general school application.

Flex and or Advanced Program App Form 2021-2022 Instructions.pdf

Flex and or Advanced Program App Form 2021-2022 Part 1.pdf

Flex and or Advanced Program App Form 2021-2022 Part 2.pdf

We are here to help - any questions, please call the general office at 204-452-3112 or email

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