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September 15, 2022

At Harrow, our students receive Basic French instruction beginning in grade 4. The students have three classes per cycle with our French teacher, Mme Chernetz. The students have access to technology to work on projects and presentations, as well as explore approved websites and apps to further their language learning.

Some of the themes covered during the 3 years of French classes are:

  • greetings/useful expressions
  • numbers
  • colours
  • calendar
  • weather
  • family
  • school
  • food
  • clothing
  • animals
  • home

The students have the opportunity to visit the Festival du Voyageur to use their language skills in an authentic setting. This outing helps them understand the importance of French culture in Manitoba.

The purpose of the Basic French curriculum is to encourage the learning of French as a means of communication and to make it an integral part of the students' overall education. This curriculum is not designed to make students bilingual.

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