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Field Day

September 28, 2022
Field Day

2022-2023 school year

Our FIRST field day this year is scheduled on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH!

M. Boateng and M. Carter are organizing field day games to correspond with this month's theme - Truth and Reconciliation.

Note: Please do not bring at-home toys as the school is providing everything we need for our Field Day activities.

We will be providing hotdogs, chips, and a juice box for lunch for all Grade 1-6 students. We will have vegan options available. If your child does not want a hotdog, please send them a lunch.

Thank you!

2021-2022 school year

2021-2022's Field Day is on FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022!

All students will be split into seven groups. These groups represent the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

  1. Eagle - represents LOVE
  2. Buffalo - represents RESPECT
  3. Bear - represents COURAGE
  4. Sabe/Sasquatch - represents HONESTY
  5. Beaver - represents WISDOM
  6. Wolf - represents HUMILITY
  7. Turtle - represents TRUTH

Teachers will let their students know which group they're in a few days before field day. 

Each activity will be explained and supervised by your child's teacher, M. Carter and M. Boateng.

Quick reminders:

  1. Apply sunscreen before going to school.
  2. Bring water bottles.
  3. Bring extra clothes/shoes/sandals/towels.
  4. Do not bring any at-home items/toys.
  5. Most importantly, LET'S HAVE FUN!!

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