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Choose from 77 schools in Winnipeg's largest public school division.


Welcome to the Winnipeg School Division, the largest school division in Winnipeg, with 77 schools to choose from in four distinct districts.

There are several school divisions servicing the City of Winnipeg.  See a map from the Province of Manitoba identifying the boundaries of each of the School Divisions.


Ways to find your local school within the Winnipeg School Division:

  • Try our Find A School page to find which school division you live in, your Winnipeg School Division school by address and/or postal code.  Select a category to find schools by elementary (N-6), elementary & junior high (N-8), junior high & senior high (7-12) and senior high (9-12) levels.

  • Our schools are also listed in alphabetical order on our School Directory (A-Z) page including grade levels of each school as well as maps showing school locations and catchment areas. 

  • The School Districts highlight information of schools in each of the four districts:  Central, Inner City, North and South.  Schools are also listed by elementary (N-6), elementary & junior high (N-8), junior high & senior high (7-12) and senior high (9-12) on any of the district pages.

  • We also provide information on schools that offer alternative, language and aboriginal education programs on our Programs page

Curriculum and programming reflects the priorities that have been set for the Division and offer families a broad range of choices including regular, alternative, language and aboriginal programming.

School catchment areas

Catchment areas for each school within the Division are established under the direction of the Chief Superintendent. Students normally attend the school within the catchment area in which they live. Resident students may be permitted to attend any school of choice in the Division provided space is available. The Division is not responsible for transportation costs for students attending a school outside their catchment.

Separate catchment areas have also been established for specific language and alternative programs. The Division covers transportation costs for these programs. Contact the Winnipeg School Division Transportation Department for more information.



Helping parents find a voice in education

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