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WSD 150 Celebration Banners

October 29, 2021 Division Activity, News Story, School Activity
WSD 150 Banners

Winnipeg School Division celebrates 150 years this week. In the spring of 2021, schools/programs collaborated with the school community to design banners as a lead up to the milestone event. Each banner represented important aspects about the school or program. It engaged students, staff and the community in meaningful learning about the history of the school/program. Each banner is unique, many highlighting school colours, emblem, motto and/or mascot. Some schools completed their banners by hand, where upon a professional photographer from Tec-Voc High School took photos of it, while others created them digitally. 

In total, 81 banners were created and installed on lamp posts in the Downtown Biz (Portage Ave. and Main St.), West End Biz (Notre Dame Ave., Arlington St., Maryland St., Sherbrook St., Ellice Ave. and Cumberland Ave.) and Corydon Biz (Corydon Ave.) neighbourhoods. You are encouraged to walk or take a drive in the neighbourhoods to view the spectacular banners by Winnipeg School Division students, staff and community members.

Winnipeg School Division is especially appreciative and grateful to the Downtown Biz, West End Biz and Corydon Biz organizations. Thank you for your sponsorship!

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