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Volunteering Opportunities

October 8, 2021

The following volunteer positions are ongoing and available from September - June:

Parent Advisory Committee

Participate as a member of parent council; an important part of your child’s school and education.

Classroom Assistant

Assist the classroom teacher with daily activities and subject material. Work one-on-one or with small groups of students in a variety of subject areas, i.e. math, science, English, etc. Other classroom activities may also include art projects, sewing, computer lab, making props, etc.

Library Assistant 

Assist the librarian in the operation of the school library.

Hearing Screening Volunteer 

Conduct initial hearing screening tests on kindergarten students attending one of our schools.


Be a coach or assistant coach for drama or volleyball, basketball, football, etc.

Mentor and Tutor 

Interact with students to help develop their self-esteem, life skills and academic experience.

Speech and Language Assistant

Work one on one with students, under the direction of a Speech Language Pathologist, on speech and language development.

Reading Buddy

Read with and help students conquer problems with reading, grammar, and spelling. Positions with elementary and secondary school students are available.

Infant Centre Volunteer

Help care for infants during the daytime.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Volunteer

Work in an EAL classroom with immigrant students, from young students to adult learners, in various subject areas.

Adult Education Volunteer

Work with mature students in a variety of subject areas and atmospheres.

Special Event Volunteer 

Assist school staff with special events such as craft nights, concerts, assemblies, community barbeques, field trips, overnight camps, hot lunches, gardening, etc.

Cultural Sharing Volunteer

Volunteer on a regular basis to read or converse with students in different languages, i.e. French, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Indigenous languages. Groups or individuals can also share a hobby or cultural activity with students, on a one time basis, i.e. beading, cooking, origami, cultural dancing, etc.

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